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Interface Layouts
Frequently Asked Questions
Creating New Documents
Opening and Closing Files
Saving and Exporting Files
Working with Project Files
Working with Templates
Working with Tables
Working with Scripts
Creating Outlines
Printing and Page Setup
Print Settings
Page Margins
Creating Header and Footer Lines
Print Preview
Font Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Using Bookmarks
Using the Format Brush
Using the Color Palette
Using the Windows Clipboard
Using the Clip List
Clip List Manager
Using Spell Check
Menu Based Spell Check
Tool Panel Based Spell Check
Background Spell Check
Auto Correct and Auto Capitalize
Spell Check Dictionaries
Editing Custom Dictionaries
Add Spelling Dictionary Word
Quick Bar
Using the Reference Bar
Defining the Reference Bar Buttons
Adding Reference Bar Menu Links
Find and Replace
Inserting Special Content
Inserting Dates
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Page Breaks
Inserting Hyperlinks
Inserting Tables
Inserting Special Characters
Inserting Equations
Inserting Objects
Hot Connect
Hot Connect Options
Status Bar
Document Tabs
Line Guide
Jarte Options
Document File Formats
Jarte as a Portable Word Processor
Tablet Word Processing
Screen Reader Mode
System Information
Keyboard Shortcuts
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Accent Marks, Diacriticals, and Special Characters
Command Line Parameters
Advanced Settings
Abbreviate Captions
Aggressive Auto Correct
Allow Full Pinch
Allow Portable File Assoc
Allow Scroll Lock
Alt Key Tag Delay
Alternative Main Menu
Asterisk In Tabs
Auto Cap I
Auto Center Pictures
AutoHotkey Path
Auto Tabs
Backup Folder Path
Case Sensitive Compare
Clip Limit
Clip List Enabled
Custom Insert Item
Date and Time Formats
Deaden Control Keys
Default Initial Folder
Default Open Filter Index
Default Picture Folder
Default Printer Name
Default Save Filter Index
Default to Arabic Outline
Default to Plain Text
Disable Instances Reminder
Disable Overwrite Mode
Dockable Panels
Enable Accent Shortcuts
Enable Converter Caching
Enable Find Bar Sound
Engine Rollback
Equation Editor
Favorite File Limit
Favorite Folder Limit
Find History Limit
Force Compact Spell Mode
Force Last Session
Full Path Caption
Header Line Spacing
Header Line Thickness
Hot Connect Settings
Ignore Printer
Inertial Scroll
Light Blue Links
Lock Settings
Minimize On Close To Tray
Mirrored Pages
More Suggestions Depth
Open To Bookmark
Override Screen Reader
Page Break Shade
Page View
Paste Board Settings
Pinch Sensitivity
Plain Menus
Plain Text Default
PDF Printer Name
Privacy Guard
Recent File Limit
Recent Folder Limit
Remember Find and Ref Bars
Replace History Limit
Saved Clip Limit
Silent Reload
Simple Hyperlink Clicks
Single Instance Only
Smart Quote Style
Spaces For Tabs
Spell Check Depth
Start Tool Panel
Suggestions Depth
Templates Folder
Traditional Status Bar
Undo Limit
Use Header Line
Use Portable File Links
Use Preview Shortcut
Use Standard Find Dialog
Web Browser Path
Web Browser Params
WordWeb Path

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