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Auto Correct

Main menu:

Tools > Spell Check Options > Auto Correct

Compact layout:

Edit > Spell Check Options > Auto Correct

Classic layout:

Spell Check Panel > Options > Auto Correct


Jarte Plus' Auto Correct feature allows Jarte Plus to automatically correct common misspellings in a document as you type. Jarte Plus uses a supplementary spell check dictionary of common English misspellings to detect and correct common misspellings. Note that normally Auto Correct does not correct most three letter misspellings because they could be correctly spelled acronyms. This behavior can be changed by  modifying the value of advanced setting Aggressive Auto Correct.

If you enable the Auto Correct feature and it does not appear to be correcting common misspellings then ensure supplementary spell check dictionary correct.tlx is enabled in the Spelling Dictionaries window. Also ensure that one of the English dictionaries is selected as the primary language dictionary.The misspelled word acheive is an example of a word that will be automatically corrected by the Auto Correct feature.

Using Auto Correct as an Auto Type Feature

Auto Correct can also be used to create shortcuts for often used words and phrases. For example, if you are a member of the Durham Garden Club, and you often refer to the organization in your writing, then you may find it advantageous to designate "dgc" as a word to be auto corrected to "Durham Garden Club". Creating such shortcuts increases the efficiency of your writing. You can create your own Auto Correct entries in your custom spell check dictionary using the Add Spelling Dictionary Word window.

If you want to take advantage of the ability to use your own Auto Correct shortcuts without allowing Auto Correct to automatically correct common misspellings then disable (uncheck) the correct.tlx supplementary dictionary.

Auto Capitalize

Main menu:

Tools > Spell Check Options > Auto Capitalize

Compact layout:

Edit > Spell Check Options > Auto Capitalize

Classic layout:

Spell Check Panel > Options > Auto Capitalize


Jarte Plus' Auto Capitalize feature automatically capitalizes the first letter of each sentence, paragraph, or table cell as you type. It also automatically capitalizes the word "I". If auto capitalization of the word "I" is undesirable then it can be disabled by using advanced setting Auto Cap I.

Use the Undo feature to undo specific instances of auto capitalization as you type. Or, you can type a lowercase letter twice and then use the Backspace key to remove the one that was auto capitalized, leaving a single lowercase letter.

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