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Compact layout:


Classic layout:



Jarte's View button controls which basic interface layout is in use: minimal, compact, or classic. It is also provides control over which of Jarte's individual panels are hidden or displayed.

Minimal Layout

The Minimal Layout's interface is nothing more than the main menu. Other panels can be displayed as needed by selecting them in the View menu.

Note that an alternate main menu can be specified using the Use Alternate Main Menu option in the Options menu.

Compact Layout


Jarte's Compact Layout is a menu driven layout designed to maximize the accessibility of Jarte's features while occupying a minimum of screen space. Each button displays a popup menu.

If the main menu is not displayed then, in addition to using the mouse, the buttons can also be activated using the Alt key shortcuts shown in the illustration above. If the Alt key is momentarily held down then Jarte will display the Alt key button assignments.

Classic Layout


Jarte's Classic Layout was Jarte's original layout scheme. It features a main control panel which includes five buttons (the five leftmost buttons) used to select between five side tool panels that occupy space to the left of the editing pane.


Jarte's top and side tool panels can be undocked by dragging them away from the main program window with the mouse. The panels can be redocked by dragging them back to the edge of the main program window. This feature can be disabled via use of advanced setting Dockable Panels.

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