Non-technical Questions

If you have sales questions regarding Jarte Plus, or if you have other non-technical questions, you may send them to (do not send technical support requests to this address).

Suggestion Box

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Suggestions from Jarte are used to continue improving the Jarte word processor.

Although each feature request is considered please note that not all requests are implemented. Jarte's goal is to be a compact, efficient, easy to use word processor. It is not Jarte's goal to become another "everything and the kitchen sink" word processor as the bloated office style word processors have done. That being said, some of Jarte's best features have come from user suggestions and they are appreciated.

You can send your comments and suggestions to (do not send technical support requests to this address).

Technical Questions and Bug Reports

Before sending a question please give the online help search a quick try. You might be surprised! A quick look at the FAQ might answer your question as well.

When you send a technical question or bug report follow these guidelines:

  • Include Jarte's system information in the e-mail. It's easy to copy and paste it (Help > System Information > Copy All). Do not assume Jarte's system information is not needed for your question! If you do not include Jarte's system information in your support request then there may be a long delay before you receive a response. The exception is if you are unable to run Jarte.
  • If your question or bug report involves an error message please provide the exact text of the error message if it is available.
  • Ensure the word "Jarte" appears somewhere in the e-mail's subject line to eliminate any chance of the e-mail being filtered out as spam.

Technical questions and bug reports should be sent to (Did you read the three bullets above?)

Help Document

You can learn more about Jarte online by accessing the Jarte Help document.

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