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Jarte Plus contains all of the great features found in Jarte. Jarte Plus also includes the following bonus features for those who want to have it all! Jarte Plus can be purchased at the Jarte store.

Printable PDF Manual

Jarte Plus includes a nicely formatted PDF manual which can be accessed from the Jarte Plus Help menu. The manual is very usable as a printed manual since it includes an index in the back, and page references are used throughout the manual to direct the reader between related topics. A printable PDF Quick Reference card that itemizes Jarte Plus' shortcut keys is also provided.

Custom Shortcut Keys

Jarte Plus allows the creation of custom shortcut keys to Jarte's hundreds of commands. Jarte Plus' default shortcut keys may also be changed or deleted.

Customizable Quick Bar

The Quick Bar buttons are completely customizable in Jarte Plus.


Jarte Plus supports scripting to automate frequently repeated tasks within Jarte by making it easy to assign AutoHotkey scripts to custom shortcut keys and custom Quick Bar buttons. Scripts can be used to automate template content as well.

Background Spell Checking

Jarte Plus can monitor your spelling as you type. When enabled, it will automatically flag misspelled words with a wavy, red underline. Right click on a misspelled word to access suggested spellings, ignore the misspelling, or add it to your custom spelling dictionary.

Auto Correct

Jarte Plus can automatically correct commonly misspelled words as you type. You can also add your own Auto Correct spellings to your custom spell check dictionary. Auto Correct can be especially useful when used to create abbreviations for words or phrases you type in often. For example, if you are a member of the Garden Writers Association and refer to that organization often, you could define the abbreviation "gwa" to be automatically corrected to "Garden Writers Association" whenever you type it. The result is faster, easier typing!

Auto Capitalize

Jarte Plus can automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence as you type. This feature also automatically capitalizes each occurrence of the word "I". Auto Capitalize is yet another feature to make typing faster and easier.

Split View Mode

Jarte Plus' Split View Mode allows two documents to be displayed simultaneously either side-by-side or one over the other. Split view mode also allows a single document to be displayed in two independent views. This feature makes comparing two documents much easier.


Jarte Plus' AutoOutline feature makes creating and editing complex outlines a breeze! AutoOutline automatically maintains proper number sequencing and styling throughout your outline as you edit it. The proper numbering style of each outline entry is determined by its indentation level. If an outline entry is added in the middle of an outline, or if an existing entry's indentation level is changed, all subsequent outline entries are automatically adjusted as needed.

Project Files

Jarte Plus' Project File feature helps organize, and provide quick access to, multiple files that are part of a single project. When Jarte Plus opens a project file it will automatically open the files pointed to by any file hyperlinks contained in the project file. For example, a project file would be useful to an author writing a new novel for which there are separate files for chapters, research notes, character profiles, etc.

Jarte Personalities

Jarte Plus allows you to create new Jarte desktop shortcuts that represent different Jarte personalities. Each Jarte personality maintains its own settings including favorite documents, favorite fonts, control panel background, saved clips, etc. Here are a few examples of how Jarte personalities can be used:

  • You have a special writing project and you want a specific set of files to automatically be opened whenever you open Jarte with the project personality. The project personality has its own favorite files list, default font, and clips list.

  • You can run Jarte from a USB flash drive and use it at work and at home. You can use Jarte's default personality for home use and create a personality named "Work" for use when the flash drive is plugged in at work. The home and work personalities each maintain their own set of recent and favorite files, etc. In this case, the new personality shortcut is automatically placed on the flash drive rather than the computer's desktop

  • More than one member of the family shares the same Windows login account and uses Jarte. Each family member can have their own Jarte personality that maintains their own favorite files, spelling dictionaries, background pattern, etc.

Remembers Saved Clipboard Clips

Jarte Plus remembers your saved clips in the Clip List between Jarte sessions, as opposed to Jarte which forgets the saved clips when you exit the program. This feature can be used to store often used clips, remember scraps of information (e.g., web and e-mail addresses, notes, etc), save images and sounds, or even store small documents you don't want to bother to save to a file.

Define Your Own Reference Bar Buttons and Links

The Reference Bar provides instant lookups to an online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, grammar aid, and quotes reference. Jarte Plus allows you to redefine those buttons and links. Jarte Plus also allows you to define up to eight additional links of your own. Your links can even be designed to perform keyword lookups just like the default dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia buttons do!

Attach Document Notes

Jarte Plus allows you to attach a note to any document. You create the note in an independent editing window that allows you to enter any information you desire. Use this feature to store reference information, revision notes, reminders, and any other information about the document that you need to keep handy.

File Hyperlink Text Targets

Jarte Plus allows file hyperlinks to specify a "jump to" text target. When the file is opened via the hyperlink Jarte Plus will automatically scroll down to the first occurrence of the specified text target.

Smart Quotes

Allows the automatic use of directional curly quotes rather than the usual straight quotes. For example, the following line uses curly quotes:

�To be or not to be...� �...that is the question.�
and the following line uses the normal straight quotes:
"To be or not to be..." '...that is the question.'

Many people prefer the more professional appearance of the curly quotes in their documents. The feature that enables the use of curly quotes is called smart quotes because Jarte automatically determines whether the beginning curly quote or the finishing curly quote should be used when you press the quote key.

Note: The Smart Quotes feature does not work with many non-English keyboards.

Status Bar Word Count

Word count statistics are available in both Jarte and Jarte Plus via the Word Count button. In addition, Jarte Plus can display a continuously updated word count in the status bar.

Roman Numeral Page Numbering

Jarte Plus allows you specify lower case Roman numeral page numbering in place of the normal Arabic page numbering in the header and footer lines of your printed documents. Roman numerals are often desirable when printing documents such as a preface.

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