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View > Reference Bar > More Links > Edit Buttons

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View > Reference Bar > More Links > Edit Buttons

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Reference > More Links > Edit Buttons




Jarte Plus' Reference Bar dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia buttons can be redefined using Edit Buttons. This capability is best demonstrated with an example. In the following example the dictionary button will be redefined to link to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary web site:

1. Select Dictionary in the Buttons list box. Note the button's name can not be changed.
2. Select User Defined URL. Note that selecting Default URL will cause a redefined Reference Bar button to revert back to its factory default setting.
3. Enter a URL in the URL field. The URL can be either an Internet address or a file address to a program installed on your computer (see below). In our example, an Internet address of is specified. That is the address of the Merriam-Webster online dictionary web site.
4.Click the Accept button and then the Ok button.

Now, when the dictionary button is clicked the Merriam-Webster web site will appear in the default web browser.

Linking to a Program

Instead of an Internet address, you may specify the file location of any program on your computer in the URL field. In that case, Jarte will run that program when you click the associated Reference Bar button. For example if file URL

C:\Program Files\Cool Dictionary\CoolDict.exe

is specified then clicking the dictionary button will run dictionary program file CoolDict.exe.

Specifying a Link Parameter

A link parameter can be used in the specified URL. Jarte will substitute the word to be looked up for the link parameter before using the URL.  The link parameter must appear as <<link parm>> in the URL.  For example, the following URL will look up the target word at the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:<<link parm>>

Lets say the word "horse" is typed into the lookup target box.  When the dictionary button is clicked Jarte will automatically substitute the word "horse" for "<<link parm>>" as follows:

The result is the word "horse" is automatically looked up at the Merriam-Webster web site.

A lot of web sites can be specified in a similar manner.  You may come up with some interesting ideas on how to use this feature with a little thought and experimentation.

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