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Main Options

Clickless Operation

Jarte's Clickless Operation is designed to make writing more pleasant and efficient by reducing the number of mouse clicks needed to accomplish many word processing tasks. Note that Clickless Operation does not apply to the main menu.

Clickless Menu Buttons - Controls whether the various Jarte buttons that display menus can be activated by pausing the mouse over them.

Clickless Menu Items - Controls whether a menu's menu items can be selected by pausing the mouse over the desired choice.

Clickless Tabs - Controls whether you can switch document tabs by pausing the mouse over the desired tab.

Clickless Tab Close Button - Controls whether the Close button on the current document's tab can be activated by pausing the mouse over it.

Clickless Save Button - Controls whether the Save button on the File Tools panel and the Save button on the status bar can be activated by pausing the mouse over them.

Click Timing - Controls the length of time the mouse must pause over a button before the button automatically activates. Fast indicates a very short pause, Normal and Slow indicate longer pauses.

Use System Tray Icon

When this option is turned on Jarte's icon appears in the system tray of the Windows task bar in order to provide easy access to the program. Note that when this feature is enabled, clicking Jarte's Close button in the upper right corner of the program window will minimize the program window to the system tray, rather than causing the program to exit. See advanced setting Minimize On Close To Tray for information about changing this behavior.

Show Hints

Determines whether a small hint window describing a button appears when the mouse pauses over the button. Note that no hint window is shown for buttons that display menus when the Clickless Menu Buttons option is turned on.

Show Button Labels

Displays a brief, identifying label next to each of Jarte's buttons.

Middle Mouse Button Paste

When this option is turned on the clipboard Paste operation can be performed simply by clicking the mouse's middle button. The middle mouse button is the clickable scroll wheel available on most mice. Other clipboard operations can also be performed with the middle mouse button as described in Using the Windows Clipboard.

Middle Mouse button Paste should work with most mice, but it is not guaranteed to work with all mice. If it does not work for your mouse try examining the mouse's settings by going to Start > Control Panel > Mouse. Ensure the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) is set to its "default" action.

Select Whole Words

Determines whether the mouse selects whole words at a time, rather than just one character at a time, when selecting (i.e., highlighting) text by click-and-dragging the mouse.

Show File Extension

Determines whether a file name's file format extension is shown as part of the file name wherever file names are displayed throughout Jarte. For example, My To Do List versus My To Do List.doc.

Enable Smart Quotes

This feature is only available in Jarte Plus. Smart quotes are the directional curly quotes supported by most fonts and preferred by many writers. For example, the following line uses curly quotes:

To be or not to be... ...that is the question.

and the following line uses the normal straight quotes:

"To be or not to be..." '...that is the question.'

Note that some fonts have more distinctive curly quotes than others. The examples shown above use the Times New Roman font which has distinctive curly quotes. The same keyboard quote key is used for both curly quotes and straight quotes.

When the selected spelling dictionary language is English, enabling the Smart Quotes option directs Jarte to produce curly quote marks, instead of straight quote marks, when the keyboard's quote mark keys are pressed. If the French, German, Italian, or Spanish spelling dictionaries are in use then special double quote marks are used that are familiar to those respective languages. See advanced setting Smart Quote Style for examples of the double quote marks for those languages. The Smart Quote Style setting allows the double quote mark style to controlled by the user.

Note: The Smart Quotes feature does not work with many non-English keyboards.

Auto Hyperlink Detect

This feature automatically converts any web addresses in a document into clickable hyperlinks.  Detected web addresses are made blue and underlined. Click the web address while pressing the Ctrl key to open the address in a web browser, or press the Enter key while the text cursor is positioned in the hyperlink.

Any currently open documents need to be closed and reopened after changing this option before the change will have full affect in those documents.

Use Alternate Main Menu

This option indicates whether the default main menu or the alternate main menu is used when the main menu is being displayed. The default main menu is laid out similarly to the main menu of other word processors such as WordPad. The alternate main menu is laid out as a text version of the compact control panel. Both main menu styles represent different arrangements of the same program functions.

Enable Typing Sounds

This option causes Jarte to emit typewriter sound effects as the user types within a document. The volume of the sound effects can be controlled by following these steps:

Ensure the Enable Typing Sounds option is enabled.
Right click the speaker icon in the Windows system tray and select Open Volume Mixer from the pop-up menu.
Jarte's volume control appears in the volume mixer panel. If Jarte does not appear the in the panel then begin typing in Jarte so that at least one typewriter sound is emitted. That should trigger Jarte to appear in the volume mixer panel.

Stay on Top

This options causes the Jarte program window remain on top of other program windows even when Jarte is not the active program.

Automatically Check for Updates

Enables Jarte to automatically check online to see if a new version of the program is available. The check is performed during start-up, but only about once every five days. The check is performed in the background so it does not slow down Jarte's start-up, and no errors are displayed if no Internet connection available.

Hot Connect

This option displays the Hot Connect Options window which controls settings for the Hot Connect feature.

Document Background Color

This option allows a choice of document background colors. The chosen background color is only used for display purposes, not for printing. Note that if a light font color is used against a dark background then printouts will be difficult to read when the light font color is printed on white paper.

Word Wrap

This option determines the point at which a document's lines are wrapped when displayed on the screen. The following choices are available:

Page View - Determines whether Jarte's editing pane display's the left and right page margins on a page background, similar to print preview. This setting is only valid when used with the Wrap to Page setting.

Page Wrap Bell - This setting only appears when Jarte is in screen reader mode. Enabling the page wrap bell causes Jarte to emit a typewriter-like bell sound when typing causes text to wrap to a new line. The bell will only sound when the Wrap to Page word wrap setting is selected.

Wrap to Window - Lines are wrapped when they reach the right edge of the editing pane. Indicated by in the status bar.

Wrap to Page - Lines are wrapped exactly as they will appear when printed. Indicated by in the status bar. This choice is only enabled if a local or network printer is available. If no printer is available then installing a PDF utility program such as PrimoPDF will serve the same purpose.

Gray dashed page break lines appear across the width of the document at the points where one page ends and the next begins. A page number is displayed immediately above each dashed line at the right side. If the page numbers are not visible then widen the Jarte program window until the page numbers come into view.

The length of the lines, and the point at which they wrap, is determined by the paper size and page margin settings (see Printing and Page Setup).

No Wrap - Lines are not wrapped. The horizontal scrollbar must be used to view the end of lines which continue past the right edge of the editing pane. Indicated by in the status bar.

You may choose separate default word wrap choices for both rich text and plain text documents. The word wrap setting can also be selected by clicking the word wrap indicator in the status bar.

New Jarte Personality

This feature is only available with Jarte Plus. It allows the creation of new Jarte personalities, each of which maintains its own settings (e.g., favorite files list, custom spelling dictionaries, appearance, etc). You are prompted for a name when creating a new Jarte personality, and a shortcut to that personality is placed on the Windows Desktop.

Jarte personalities can be used for special writing projects, keeping home and work related writing environments separate (especially useful when Jarte is run from a USB flash drive used at both home and work), providing separate Jarte environments for family members who share the same Windows login account, etc.

Change Jarte Background

This option allows a choice of background patterns for the program interface.

The available background patterns are designed to automatically conform to your current Windows color scheme. Jarte Plus users can also provide their own images for use as a background image. The easiest way to do this to use the mouse to drag-n-drop an image file on to any of Jarte's control panels (i.e., do not drop the background image on a document since that will cause the image to be inserted into the document instead of being used as a background). Jarte will make its own copy of the image file when dropped on a Jarte control panel.

Additional backgrounds are available on the Jarte Backgrounds web page.

Install to USB Drive

This handy feature allows you to quickly install Jarte to a portable USB flash drive so you can use Jarte as a portable word processor. You can then use Jarte by plugging the flash drive into any PC. Jarte is USB flash drive friendly. When Jarte is run from a portable flash drive it makes no changes to, and stores no information on, the host PC.

Install to USB Drive gives you the choice of performing a fresh install to the flash drive or copying your existing Jarte settings to the new flash drive installation.

A Jarte installation to a USB drive can be uninstalled by simply deleting the USB drive's Jarte program folder and its Jarte shortcut.

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