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Jarte's color selection palette appears in a number of places throughout the program. The palette provides a choice of 32 predefined colors plus 8 user definable custom colors. In many cases a color button labeled Auto is also provided. The Auto color corresponds to the Windows color scheme color used for the element of interest. For example, when the font color palette is displayed the Auto color is usually black because black is the color usually assigned to text in the Windows color scheme.



Clicking the desired palette color selects that color. The color palette can also be navigated using the keyboard's arrow keys. After the arrow keys have been used to navigate to the desired color then pressing the Enter key will select that color.

Custom Colors

A custom color can be defined or changed by selecting one of the 8 custom color buttons (see diagram above) while pressing the Shift key. A standard Windows color selection dialog is then displayed which allows a custom color to be defined.

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