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When option Use System Tray Icon is enabled Jarte minimizes to the system tray, rather than the taskbar. Previous to Jarte version 5.0, clicking the Close button in the upper right corner of the program window closed the program, even Jarte was set to minimize to the taskbar. This behavior was changed in version 5.0 such that clicking the Close button when Use System Tray Icon is enabled causes Jarte to minimize to the system tray, rather than close. This change was made to provide consistency with other most programs that minimize to the system tray. Jarte users who prefer the previous behavior of Jarte closing when the Close button is clicked can restore that behavior by changing advanced setting Minimize On Close To Tray to "0":

Minimize On Close To Tray=0

The default value is "1":

Minimize On Close To Tray=1

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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