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Jarte maintains all of its options settings in a special file named Settings.ini. The Settings.ini file contains more settings than those that can be accessed through Jarte's program interface. These additional settings are generally referred to as advanced settings. The Edit Settings button in Jarte's System Information window provides direct access to the Settings.ini file.

Changing Advanced Settings

Main menu:

Help > System Information > Edit Settings

Compact layout:

Help > System Information > Edit Settings

Classic layout:

Help > System Information > Edit Settings


Warning: Editing settings directly in the Settings.ini file is not recommended unless you are sure of what you are doing! Jarte does not check the Settings.ini file for errors. If you make a mistake while editing the settings it may destabilize the Jarte program and cause it to misbehave or crash.

Edit Settings will open the Settings.ini file within Jarte so that it can be directly edited. Perform a text search to find the name of the setting to be changed. Then, simply change the value on the right side of the "=" to the desired value.

The Settings.ini file must be saved after a setting is modified. Note that changes made to the Settings.ini file will not take affect until Jarte is exited and then restarted.

Fixing the Setting.ini File

It is a good practice to create a backup copy of the Settings.ini file before changing it. This is done for you if the Create Document Backups option is turned on. If you inadvertently damage the Settings.ini file you can restore it with the backup copy. The Settings.ini file can also be safely deleted. Jarte will automatically create a new Settings.ini file if it is missing. This has the effect of returning Jarte to its factory default settings. The Settings.ini file can found in Jarte's data folder.

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