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Help > System Information

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Help > System Information

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About Panel > System Information




The System Information window displays information about the computer environment Jarte is running in. When contacting Jarte Support you should always send this information with your question by using the Copy All button to copy the information to the clipboard and then paste it into your e-mail.

Data Folder

The Data Folder button displays a Windows Explorer window open to Jarte's user data folder. There is a unique Jarte user data folder for each Windows login user and for each Jarte personality. Note that the Jarte data folder is not located in the Jarte program folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Jarte). The Jarte user data folder contains files that store Jarte's settings, supplementary spelling dictionaries, error logs, saved clip list clips, templates, program backgrounds, error logs, etc.

Copy All

Copies the information displayed in the System Information window to the Windows clipboard.

Edit Settings

Opens Jarte's settings file so that it can viewed or modified. See Advanced Settings for more information.

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