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Main menu:

View > Show Quick Bar

Compact layout:

View > Show Quick Bar

Classic layout:

View > Show Quick Bar



The Quick Bar is a toolbar that provides quick access to Jarte's most frequently used features. The Quick Bar can be customized in Jarte Plus by clicking the Configure button on the right side of the Quick Bar.

Configure Quick Bar

Jarte allows the Quick Bar buttons to be renamed. This is particularly useful when renaming the buttons with non-English labels is desirable.

Additionally, Jarte Plus allows Quick Bar buttons to be added, deleted, and reassigned. The order of the buttons can be changed using the arrow buttons along the right side of buttons list. Button attributes can be modified by clicking the Advanced button.

Add or Edit a Quick Bar Button

Button Name

Choose any desired name for the button.

Command Search

The Command Search box makes it easy to find the desired Jarte command. Enter any part of a command name and the Button Command list automatically narrows its choices to just the command names that contain the specified text.

Button Command

The Button Command list provides a complete list of all Jarte commands that may be assigned to a Quick Bar button. Choose the desired command by clicking it in the list.

Button Divider

Select the button divider option when you want to add a button divider between buttons, rather than an actual button. Button dividers are useful for organizing groups of buttons.

Advanced Configuration

Button Font

This setting allows you to choose the font to be used for the Quick Bar's button names. You can even use a symbol font (e.g., Wingdings, Webdings, etc) if you would rather display a symbol for each button rather than a name.

Large Buttons

This setting allows a slightly larger button size to be specified.

Allow Buttons to Wrap to New Row

Enabling this setting causes Jarte to automatically display some of the Quick Bar's buttons on a second row if the width of the program window does not allow all of the buttons to fit on a single row. Otherwise, the rightmost buttons of the Quick Bar which do not fit on a single row are simply not shown.

Auto Squeeze Buttons

This setting causes the empty space between the Quick Buttons to be automatically squeezed when the Jarte program window is not otherwise wide enough to display all of the buttons. If there is only a single row of buttons then this setting delays the buttons from wrapping to a second row until the program window is no longer wide enough to display the buttons on a single row even after squeezing. If there are two rows of buttons then this setting allows more buttons to be displayed on the Quick Bar than what would otherwise be possible.

Button Padding

This setting determines the width of each Quick Bar button by specifying the amount of blank button space on either side of the button's label.

Button Spacing

This setting determines the amount of space between the Quick Bar's buttons.

Factory Defaults

This button is used to return the Quick Bar to its original factory settings, including the the default buttons assigned to the Quick Bar.

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