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Clip List

The Clip List

Jarte's Clip List is a history of the last 15 Windows clipboard clips that have been copied to the clipboard by any program while Jarte has been running. The top item in the Clip List represents the current content of the Windows clipboard. The Clip List allows you to copy a previous clipboard clip back to the clipboard so it is ready to be pasted by Jarte or any other program.

A previous clip can be copied back to the clipboard simply by selecting it from the Clip List menu. A previous clip can be pasted directly into Jarte by selecting it from the Clip List menu while pressing the Shift key.

The Clip List menu shows the beginning text of each clip that includes text content. There is also an menu icon displayed for each clip to indicate the clip type. The following legend explains the Clip List menu icons:

- Rich text clip

- Plain text clip

- Image clip

- Sound clip

- Folder clip

- Unknown clip type

- Empty clipboard or ignored clip

Saved Clips

The Saved Clips submenu is a list of clips saved using Save Current Clip. The free version of Jarte retains saved clips only during the current Jarte session. Jarte Plus maintains saved clips permanently, or until they are deleted from the Saved Clips list. Saved Clips are useful for keeping pieces of text or images you use often in your documents.

Screen Capture

The Screen Capture feature is used to copy a snapshot of a portion of the computer screen to the Windows clipboard. When Screen Capture is activated Jarte automatically minimizes itself to the Windows taskbar so that it does not obscure the screen while you take the snapshot.

The mouse cursor changes to a cross hair while Jarte is in Screen Capture mode. Click the mouse button anywhere on the screen to begin. Move the mouse across the screen until the rectangular frame formed by the mouse includes the portion of the screen you wish to capture. Now, click the mouse again to complete the capture. Jarte will reappear and the portion of the screen you captured is copied to the clipboard ready to be pasted.

The position of mouse's cross hair cursor while in Screen Capture mode can be precisely controlled using the keyboard. The arrow keys move the cross hair a single pixel at a time. In addition, the Enter key can be substituted for either the beginning or ending mouse click.

Note that Windows provides simple screen capture capability as well: Press the PrtScn key to copy a snapshot of the entire screen to the clipboard. Press Alt+PrtScn to copy a snapshot of the window with focus to the clipboard.

Clip List Manager

See Clip List Manager.

Clip List Hot Key

The Clip List Hot Key window allows a global hot key to be assigned to the Clip List menu. The hot key can then be used to access Jarte's Clip List menu even when you are not working in the Jarte program window.

A global hot key can be assigned simply by pressing the desired hot key sequence in the box provided by the Clip List Hot Key window and clicking Ok. A previously assigned hot key can be deleted by pressing the Backspace key instead of a hot key.

Tip: When the Clip List hot key is used while working in another program the Jarte program window will appear with the Clip List menu unless the Jarte program window is minimized. So, if you use the Clip List hot key often then you may want to keep the Jarte window minimized to the Windows Taskbar while working in other programs in order to prevent the Jarte program window from momentarily popping up with the Clip List menu.

Paste Board

The Paste Board feature appears as a document in Jarte. Whenever anything is copied to the Windows clipboard it is also recorded in the Paste Board document. The Paste Board's text can be edited and saved just like any other document. This feature is useful, for example, when you are visiting web sites and want to quickly record bits of text, articles, pictures, web addresses, etc for later viewing.

An active Paste Board can be suspended by selecting Paste Board Suspend from the Clip List menu. Suspending the Paste Board causes it to stop recording items copied to the Windows clipboard. Paste Board Resume can then be selected from the Clip List menu to resume a suspended Paste Board. The Paste Board's document tab is dimmed while the Paste Board is suspended.

A few of the Paste Board's attributes can be changed via the Paste Board's advanced settings. These include the ability to customize the divider line used between clip items and the ability to save the Paste Board's contents between Jarte sessions.

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