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The following settings are used by Jarte's Paste Board feature. They appear in the [Paste Board] section of Jarte's Settings file.

Add to Bottom

The Add to Bottom setting determines whether new clipboard entries are always added at the bottom of the Paste Board, rather than having the most recent clipboard entry always be at the top of the Paste Board. The default is "0" which indicates new clipboard entries are added to the top of the Paste Board. The following example specifies new clipboard entries should be added to the bottom of the Paste Board.

Add To Bottom=1

Divider Char

The Divider Char setting specifies the character used to create the divider line used by the Paste Board to separate clip items. The default character is a dash. A space character will make the divider line a blank line. If no divider character is specified then no divider will be used between the Paste Board's clip items. The following example specifies the divider line should be created using the asterisk character:

Divider Char=*

Divider Length

The Divider Length setting specifies the number of times the Divider Char should be repeated to create the Paste Board's divider lines.
The default value is 80. The following example specifies the divider line should be composed of 100 Divider Chars:

Divider Length=100

Plain Text

The Plain Text setting indicates Windows clipboard clips are to be pasted in the Paste Board as plain text clips. This means any text formatting is stripped away from text clips before pasting them into the Paste Board. Plain text clips may be preferred by some users who do want the text formatting supplied by web browsers when copying text from web pages. The Plain Text setting defaults to "0" (disabled) by default. The following example specifies the Plain Text feature should be enabled by setting it to a value of "1":

Plain Text=1

Save Prompt

When the Paste Board is closed a "Do you want to save the Paste Board clips?" prompt appears. The Save Prompt setting controls whether that prompt appears. The default value is "1" (the prompt should appear). The following example specifies the prompt should not appear by setting Save Prompt to a value "0":

Save Prompt=0

Save Clips

By default, the Paste Board document does not save its recorded clipboard clips from one session to another (i.e., the Paste Board is empty each time it is started). The Save Clips setting can be used to change this behavior by setting it to a value of "1" (enabled). A value of "1" causes the Paste Board to retain all of the clips it has recorded from previous sessions. The default value is "0" (disabled). The following example enables the Save Clips feature by setting it to a value of "1":

Save Clips=1


The State setting appears in the [Paste Board] section but it is for Jarte's internal use only. Do not modify this setting.

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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