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What is a Project File?

Project files are files used to organize, and automatically open, other files via use of file hyperlinks. For example, a writer may create a project file representing work on his latest novel which consists of separate files for each chapter plus additional files for notes, character sketches, etc. The writer can organize hyperlinks to those files in the project file. When he opens the project file Jarte automatically opens the files pointed to by those hyperlinks.

Support for project files is exclusive to Jarte Plus.

Anatomy of a Project File

The lines of a project file for a novel might look something like the following example:

The Mystery of Phantom Hill


Main Characters        (needs to be updated)

Chapter 1                (submitted to editor)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


To Do List:

Meet with editor about first draft
Develop deeper background for the plot


Jarte Project File


Project File Declaration

The first thing to note is the last line in the example. "Jarte Project File" must appear as either the first line of a file or the last line of a file in order for Jarte to recognize that file as a project file.

File Hyperlinks

Jarte automatically opens any file hyperlinks contained in a project file when the project file is opened. However, in order for a hyperlink to be automatically opened, it must appear at the beginning of a line. The example contains five file hyperlinks, but only the three hyperlinks placed at the beginning of their respective lines are opened automatically. The writer in our example is working primarily on chapter 3 and has therefore deliberately placed spaces in front of the hyperlinks pointing to the first two chapters in order to prevent those files from being opened automatically. Of course, he can still open those files at any time by clicking on their respective hyperlinks.

Note that non-file hyperlinks can be automatically opened by project files as well. For example, a project file might include hyperlinks to web sites or PDF files.

Other Text

A project file is much like any other file and can contain any information you wish. The example starts with a title line and has some notes at the bottom. Text can be placed next to the file hyperlinks as well. In this example, the writer has made notes to himself about the status of the files pointed to by Main Characters and Chapter 1.

File Sessions

A project file can be created automatically using the Save Session as Project feature. That feature creates a project file consisting of all of the open files in Jarte's current editing session.


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