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Spell Check

Spell checking is used to check the spelling of the current document.  Spell checking will limit itself to checking only the selected text in the current document if a text selection has been made.

Jarte provides three different methods of document spell checking. If Jarte's left side tool panel is displayed then spell checking is performed using the Spell Check tool panel. If Jarte's left side tool panel is not displayed then menu based spell checking is used.

Background spell checking (aka, spell checking as you type) is available in Jarte Plus.

Spell checking can also be disabled by placing an empty file named DisableSpellCheck.txt in the Jarte program folder. This may be useful in special situations, such as for use in a school where students may use Jarte but are expected demonstrate their own spelling skills.

Spell Check Options

Main menu:

Tools > Spell Check Options

Compact layout:

Edit > Spell Check Options

Classic layout:

Spell Check Panel > Options


Ignore Words in UPPERCASE - Prevents Spell Check from flagging words consisting of all uppercase letters.

Ignore Words With Numbers - Prevents Spell Check from flagging words which contain at least one digit.

Ignore HTML Tags - Prevents Spell Check from flagging words within the tags of HTML and PHP web documents.

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