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When a file link is inserted into a document it is normally inserted as a portable file link. That means if the document containing the link resides on a portable drive, and Jarte is installed on that same portable drive, then Jarte will properly open the file pointed to by the file link when the user activates the link in a later session even if the portable drive's drive letter has changed since the earlier session.

For example, suppose Jarte resides on a USB flash drive assigned drive letter D: and is used to edit file A which also resides on the same flash drive. The user edits the text of file A to include a file hyperlink to file B which also resides on the flash drive. Later, the user inserts the flash drive into a different computer which assigns drive letter E: to the drive. The user opens file A and uses Ctrl+click to activate the file hyperlink which then causes file B to successfully open in Jarte. File B opens successfully in that scenario because of Jarte's use of portable file links.

The disadvantage of portable file links is that they only work in Jarte. So, using the above example, if WordPad is used to open file A, and the user attempts to Ctrl+click the file link, then WordPad will fail to open the file. If this limitation is unacceptable then advanced setting Use Portable File Links can be set to "0" disable Jarte's portable file links feature. Note that a change to Use Portable File Links only affects subsequently created file links. Previously existing file links will continue to be portable/non-portable depending on the value of Use Portable File Links at the time the link was created.

Set Use Portable File Links to a value of "0" to disable portable file links so that file links can be activated from any word processor:

Use Portable File Links=0

The default value is "1" (enabled) which allows file links to portable files to work properly in Jarte even if the drive letter of the linked file changes:

Use Portable File Links=1

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.


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