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Jarte is a unique word processor based on Microsoft's WordPad word processing engine. The WordPad engine is already built into every copy of the Windows operating system. Jarte wraps itself around the WordPad engine and adds many more features than provided by the WordPad program. In effect, Jarte is a major upgrade to Microsoft's WordPad. However, Jarte does not replace or disturb your existing WordPad program. In fact, you can run both Jarte and WordPad at the same time.

A few of the many features Jarte adds beyond WordPad's capabilities are spell checking, tabbed multiple document access, and USB flash drive portability. Jarte relies on standard word processing file formats RTF, DOC, and TXT. Since Jarte is based on the WordPad engine, the documents it produces are perfectly compatible with Microsoft Word as well as other word processors. Of course, Jarte can also open documents created with WordPad or Word.

If you appreciate WordPad's reliability, fast start up, and small window size, but you have wished it had more features, then Jarte may may be exactly what you are looking for!

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