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Main menu:

View > Show Line Guide

Compact layout:

View > Show Line guide

Classic layout:

View > Show Line Guide


Jarte's Line Guide is a translucent horizontal band used as a visual aid when examining a document. It let's you easily fix your vision to a particular line of interest.



The Line Guide can be easily repositioned by dragging it with the mouse. Each document can have its own Line Guide. Note that selecting text with the mouse can not be done for the line under the Line Guide. If you need to select text under the Line Guide then position the text cursor at the desired position and then use the Shift+Right Arrow and Shift+Left Arrow shortcut keys to select the desired text.

The Line Guide's Options button provides the following features:

Lock to Text Cursor

This option causes the Line Guide to move to follow the text cursor to whatever line the text cursor is positioned on. The Line Guide can not be repositioned with the mouse while this option is enabled.

Compare Mode

Compare Mode is only available when Jarte's Split View mode is in effect and both document views are displaying a Line Guide. When this option is enabled, the Line Guides turn green whenever the text under the two Line Guide's match each other. If the two text lines under the respective Line Guides do not match then the Line Guides turn red beginning at the text position where the first character mismatch occurs.

The case sensitivity of the comparison performed by the Line Guides can be controlled via the Case Sensitive Compare advanced setting. The default behavior is to use case sensitive comparison.

Move Guides in Tandem

The Move Guides in Tandem option is only available when Jarte's Split View mode is in effect and both documents views are displaying a Line Guide. When the option is enabled, and one of the Line Guides is moved, then the other Line Guide moves to the corresponding position in its own document view.


Line Guides may be colored blue, orange, or gray. A color change to one Line Guide is applied to all Line Guides.

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