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Jarte Plus allows you to add your own custom menu item to the Insert menu. This is useful if you often insert a certain type of object into your documents. For example, suppose you often insert WAV sound objects into your documents. You could create an Insert menu item named Sound that inserts a sound object into the current document. This is done using advanced settings Custom Insert Ext and Custom Insert Name. Custom Insert Ext is the file name extension associated with the type of object you wish to insert. Custom Insert Name is the name of the menu item as it should appear in the Insert menu. Note that if you include an ampersand in the name then the letter succeeding  the ampersand becomes the menu item's mnemonic, or keyboard shortcut.

In our example, WAV is a file name extension of a common sound file format. Therefore, a custom Insert menu item for inserting WAV sounds can be defined as follows:

Custom Insert Ext=wav

Custom Insert Name=&Sound

The default settings are blank:

Custom Insert Ext=

Custom Insert Name=

Note that sounds and other objects not already included in the Insert menu can also be inserted using Insert Object.

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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