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Jarte command line parameters are options specified in the Jarte shortcut used to start the program. They can be assigned to a Jarte shortcut by right clicking on the shortcut's icon, selecting the Properties menu item, and appending the parameters in the Target box of the Properties dialog. Command line parameters can also be used when starting Jarte from a command prompt window or a batch file.

The illustration below shows an example of Jarte command line parameters being used to disable Jarte's Clip List, direct Jarte to use metric units of measure where applicable, and to specify folder C:\My Folder as the initial folder used for Open and Save:



Jarte's Command Line Parameters

/C - Causes any file specified on the command line to be automatically created if the file does not already exist.

/D - Disables the Clip List feature. This is useful if there is a conflict between the Clip List and another program that monitors the Windows clipboard. Also, see advanced setting Clip List Enable.

/I:<initial folder path> - The initial folder path specifies the initial folder placed in the open and save file dialog boxes the first time they are used. Normally, the file open and file save dialog boxes default to using the My Documents folder the first time they are used. Double quotes must be placed around this parameter if the folder path contains any spaces. Also, see advanced setting Default Initial Folder.

/N:<personality name> - This parameter is only available with Jarte Plus. Jarte is started using all the environment and option settings associated the specified personality. The Jarte Personality feature creates a desktop icon which uses this parameter. The user name should not include any spaces. Use underscores instead of spaces.

/P- Automatically prints any files specified as part of the command line. Jarte immediately closes after printing the files. Files are sent to the computer's default printer.
/PL- The PL parameter is only available in Jarte Plus. It is the same as the P parameter except it directs the printer to print in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. The PL and PT parameters can be combined.

/PT:<printer name> - The PT parameter is only available in Jarte Plus. It is the same as the P parameter except you can specify the name of the printer to be used. It is not necessary to specify the exact printer name. You can specify any unique part of the printer name. For example, if you have a printer named "EPSON Stylus COLOR 880 on LPT1" you can send a file to it by specifying "/PT:epson" or "/PT:color 880" (be sure to use double quotes around the entire command line parameter).

/U:<units of measurement> - Determines whether metric units or English units of length measurement are used throughout the Jarte program. The valid units of measurement values are "metric" and "english" (or simply "m" and "e"). Units of measurement are based on the computer's locale setting if this parameter is not specified. Note that Jarte's units of measurement can also be specified in the ruler and the margin settings.

/S (deprecated)- Prevents a new instance of Jarte from being started if another instance is already present. The already running instance of Jarte is brought to the top of the desktop instead. Note: Advanced setting Single Instance Only is now the preferred method for preventing multiple concurrent instances of Jarte. The /S command line switch may be removed in a future version of Jarte.

/T:<n> - Causes spaces to be inserted in plain text documents instead of tabs whenever the tab key is pressed. The number of spaces used to represent a tab is specified by n. Valid values for n are 1 through 9. This parameter only affects plain text documents. Also, this parameter causes the Increase Indent and Decrease Indent paragraph formatting features to use spaces, rather than tabs, for indenting in plain text documents.  Also, see advanced setting Spaces For Tabs.

/X - Disables Jarte's print related features (same as advanced setting Ignore Printer). This parameter is only needed in extremely rare cases where the default printer's driver prevents Jarte from starting.

This is an example DOS prompt command to start Jarte with the Clip List disabled, forced use of metric units, and C:\My Folder as the initial open/save folder:

"C:\Program Files\Jarte.exe" /D /U:M "/I:c:\My Folder"

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