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Jarte's Reference Bar will use the WordWeb program to perform dictionary and thesaurus lookups if the WordWeb program is installed.

Setting WordWeb Path is used to specify the file path of WordWeb program file WWEB32.EXE. Normally, this setting is not necessary since Jarte can find the file on its own. However, in special cases, such as moving the WWEB32.EXE file to a USB drive in order to help make the WordWeb program portable, setting WordWeb Path may be needed to inform Jarte of the program's location.

Of course, if the WordWeb program is not used, or at least not used with Jarte, then setting WordWeb Path is not needed in any case.

The following example assigns a file path to the WordWeb Path setting:

WordWeb Path=G:\Programs\WordWeb\WWeb32.exe

The default is to leave the setting unassigned:

WordWeb Path=

Note that an asterisk (*) may be used instead of a drive letter at the beginning of WordWeb Path to represent the drive letter of the drive Jarte is running from. This is especially useful in the case where both Jarte and WordWeb are run from a portable USB flash drive whose drive letter may change when plugged into different computers. Example:

WordWeb Path=*:\My Portable Programs\WordWeb\WWeb32.exe

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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