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Main menu:

File > Print > Page Margins

Compact layout:

File > Print > Page Margins

Classic layout:

File Tools Panel > Print > Print > Page Margins


General Tab     Page Margins Tab     Header & Footer Tab


The page margin settings provide control over the size of a document's page margins when printed. Use Print Preview to see a document's page margins before printing. Jarte provides automatic page margin mirroring when performing double sided printing.

Page Margin Settings

Equal Margins: Changing any of the four margin values will change the other three margins to the same value when this setting is selected.

Top: Size of the top page margin.

Left: Size of the left side page margin.

Right: Size of the right side page margin.

Bottom: Size of the bottom page margin.

Set Default: Saves the selected page margin sizes as the defaults to be used for all new documents.

Metric: Determines whether the units of measure used for the page margins are expressed in centimeters or inches. This setting also affects the units of measure used for Jarte's ruler.

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