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Jarte is capable of printing mirrored page margins and mirrored header/footer lines when performing double sided printing (i.e., using a duplex printer to print on both sides of each page). Mirroring page margins is the practice of swapping the left and right margins on the evenly numbered pages of the printout. Similarly, mirroring the header and footer lines is the practice of swapping left and right header/footer elements on the evenly numbered pages.

Mirroring is particularly useful, for example, when printing double sided pages that will be inserted into a notebook binder. In this, case the inside page margins are usually larger than the outside page margins in order to allow room for the paper holes used to hold the paper in the notebook binder rings. An example of page mirroring is illustrated below:

Mirrored page margins


Mirrored header lines


By default, Jarte automatically performs page mirroring whenever a document is printed double sided on a duplex printer, or whenever printing is restricted to the even pages only (it is assumed that even page printing is being done as one pass of a two pass process to achieve double sided printing using a simplex printer). This behavior can be controlled via the Mirrored Pages setting using the following values:


Mirrored Pages Value



Never perform printed page mirroring


Mirror printed pages for double sided printing only


Mirror printed pages for even page printing only

3  (default)

Mirror printed pages for both double sided printing and even page printing


Always mirror printed pages


The following example enables page mirroring for double sided printouts only:

Mirrored Pages=1

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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