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Advanced setting Allow Portable File Assoc controls whether Jarte is allowed to create file associations between itself and file format types RTF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT, even if Jarte is running from a portable drive. If Jarte is running from the primary Windows disk drive then it will always be able to set up file associations and the value of Allow Portable File Assoc is ignored. If Jarte is running from a secondary hard drive then Jarte will assume the drive is portable since it can not be sure.

The drive letter of a portable drive can change between Windows sessions, especially if the drive is sometimes disconnected from the computer. A change in the portable drive's drive letter would break any file association with any program that runs from the drive. Therefore, it is generally not a good idea to allow file associations to a program residing on a portable drive. However, if your drive is always connected to the computer then you may want to force Jarte to allow setting up file associations.

Set the value of Allow Portable File Assoc to "1" to allow Jarte to set up file associations from a portable drive:

Allow Portable File Assoc=1

The default value is "0":

Allow Portable File Assoc=0

How to Change an Advanced Setting

See Advanced Settings for details on how to find and change the value of a Jarte advanced setting.

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