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Touch Screen Support

Jarte supports touch screen gestures to help make Jarte a suitable tablet word processor. Supported gestures include swipe scrolling, pinch to zoom, and gripper handles for selecting text. Jarte supports these touch screen gestures for tablets and PCs running Windows 8 and above.

Swipe to Scroll

Use finger swipes to scroll documents up or down, depending on the direction of the swipe. Jarte also supports inertial scrolling (i.e., the document continues to scroll after the finger is lifted from a swipe, and scrolling slows to a stop). The rate of inertial scrolling can be controlled via advanced setting Inertial Scroll. Inertial scrolling can also be stopped instantly by tapping the screen.

Pinch to Zoom

A document's zoom level can be modified using the pinch gesture. To magnify a document to a higher zoom level touch two fingers to the screen and move them apart. Conversely, a document can be reduced to a lower zoom level by touching two fingers to the screen and moving them together. The amount of finger motion needed to change the zoom level can be adjusted via advanced setting Pinch Sensitivity.

The zoom range for a document is from 50% to 200%. The zoom range accessible via the pinch gesture can be restricted to 100% to 200% via advanced setting Allow Full Pinch. Restricting the zoom range can make pinch zooming quicker and easier if you rarely zoom a document to less than the 100% level.

Selection Grippers

Tapping a word causes selection grip handles to appear immediately below the word at the text insertion point. The grippers appear after the last character in the word if you tap the back half of the word. The grippers appear before the first letter of the word if you tap the front half of the word. Double tapping a word causes the word to be selected (highlighted) with a gripper at each end of the word. Each gripper can be moved with your finger to adjust the text selection range.

Other Gestures

Tapping a text selection causes the right-click menu to appear.
Press and hold your finger to a document for a second or so to raise the right-click menu at that point.
Double tapping a hyperlink in a document causes the link to be activated (e.g., tapping a web hyperlink opens the link address in your default web browser).

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