Inserting Page Breaks

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Main menu:

Insert > Insert Page Break

Compact layout:

Insert > Insert Page Break

Classic layout:

Edit > Insert Page Break



Insert Page Break inserts a hard page break at the current text cursor in the document. A hard page break forces the printer to stop printing on the current page and to resume printing on a new page. Jarte designates the presence of a hard page break with a solid gray line in the editing pane.

Note the difference between a hard page break and a soft page break: Soft page breaks are simply the points in a document where one page ends and another begins. Soft page breaks are represented in Jarte's editing pane by dashed gray lines. Soft page breaks are naturally occurring and can change positions as content is added or removed from a document. On the other hand, hard page breaks only occur where Insert Page Break has been used to force the page break. Hard page breaks always remain at the position in the document where they were inserted.

Removing Page Breaks

A hard page break can be removed by positioning the text cursor at the beginning of the line immediately below the page break and then pressing the Backspace key.

The display of soft page breaks can be disabled by right clicking Jarte's status bar and disabling the Enable Page Counting setting. Note that page numbering in the editing pane will be disabled as well.

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