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Main menu:

Insert > Insert Picture

Compact layout:

Insert > Insert Picture

Classic layout:

Edit > Insert Picture



Insert Picture inserts an image file into the current document.

Note that the WordPad word processing engine Jarte is based on is not capable of flowing text around a picture as shown here:

Therefore, Jarte inserts a picture centered on a line by itself, as shown below, since that usually provides the most pleasing result.

An exception is when the inserted picture is no taller than the text of the line it is being inserted into. In that case, Jarte inserts the picture inline with the text as shown here:

and with a smile he was on his way.

Pressing the Shift key while inserting a picture will cause Jarte to insert a picture inline with the text regardless of the picture's size.

Resizing Pictures

A picture in a document can be resized by first clicking on it to display a frame used for resizing. The frame is a thin black rectangle around the border of the picture with eight resizing handles (dots) around the frame. Use the mouse to drag any of the frame's handles to resize the picture.

Note that the WordPad word processing engine Jarte is based on does a mediocre job of resizing pictures. A picture resized within a document will often look pixelated or blocky. Therefore, it is best to resize a picture to the desired size using a good picture editing program before inserting the picture into a Jarte document.

Default Picture Folder

The Insert Picture image chooser window begins in the My Pictures folder by default. The default folder can be changed via advanced setting Default Picture Folder.

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