Changes in Jarte 6.2 (April, 2018)

  • Jarte now supports plain text templates in addition to rich text templates.
  • The tabs "Sort" command sorted open tabs in strict alphabetical order. Tabs are now sorted in natural order similar to how Windows sorts file names.
    Bug Fixes:
  • Jarte's automatic check for updates option stopped working when the Jarte website was moved to a new server in 2017. The automatic update check now works properly in Jarte 6.2 but unfortunately it will continue to fail in older versions.
  • The "Close and Delete" feature used to close the the currently open file before prompting to see if see if the user really wanted to send the file to the Recycle Bin. If multiple files were open then this could be a little confusing because the newly active file being shown by Jarte was not the one being deleted. Jarte now waits for the user to respond to the prompt before closing and deleting a file.
  • Occasionally Ctrl+click of a hyperlink would fail to properly open the linked page in a web browser. The problem only affected users who made use of advanced setting Web Browser Params.
  • File hyperlinks created with Jarte do not normally work in other word processors because the links are designed in a special way to make them portable. New advanced setting Use Portable File Links
  • As of version 6.0, the Ctrl+Backspace shortcut key activated new command "Go to Last Edit". Unfortunately, that shortcut key was already in use as a means of backspacing a word at a time, which was then inaccessible. So, the shortcut key for "Go to Last Edit" has now been changed to Shift+Ctrl+Backspace.
  • Quick Bar buttons assigned Show/Hide type commands did not always behave as expected.
  • Using the "Attached Note" shortcut key while Jarte's main menu was displayed caused the File Options submenu to appear before the Attached Note disalog.
  • Jarte would not create a new document from a template if the template file itself was already open.
  • The JarteRunCommand script helper function did not work properly for a handful of commands.
  • When the Format Brush was used to apply a heading style to a line it would appear to work except the line was not internally converted to a true heading. This would mean that programs such as screen readers would recognize the line as a header.
  • The file type filter in the Open and Save file dialogs did not behave as expected when its value was changed.

Changes in Jarte 6.1 (May, 2017)

    Bug Fixes:
  • Attempts to display the new modern style file Open and Save dialog windows in version 6.0 caused Jarte to crash on PCs that use multiple monitors.
  • Some characters were not being displayed correctly in Jarte 6.0's new note hyperlink feature. The characters affected were accented characters and certain symbol characters that do not appear on US keyboards.

Changes in Jarte 6.0 (May, 2017)

    New Features and Enhancements:
  • Jarte Plus now facilitates automation of common tasks via use of AutoHotkey scripts. You can create your own scripts and assign them to custom shortcut keys or to custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Templates now support special tags used to insert the current date, insert the current clipboard contents, position the text cursor at a desired position, and run AutoHotkey scripts.
  • Jarte's Quick Bar now automatically squeezes buttons in the Quick Bar closer together when the program window is not otherwise wide enough to display all of the buttons. This behavior can be disabled in Quick Bar's advanced configuration dialog.
  • Jarte's Quick Bar now supports button dividers to help better organize buttons.
  • Quick Bar buttons now display hint windows when option Show Hints is enabled.
  • Paragraph heading styles can now be applied by going to the paragraph styles menu.
  • Selected text can now be tagged with a note hyperlink. Hovering over the link, or Ctrl+clicking the link, displays the note.
  • Jarte now includes a Portuguese (Brazilian) spelling dictionary.
  • Jarte now allows you to choose which custom spelling dictionary (if there is more than one available) to which you would like to add a word that has been flagged as misspelled. In addition, you can assign a custom shortcut key to new command "Add to Spelling Dictionary" to add any currently selected word to a custom spelling dictionary.
  • The Ctrl+Backspace shortcut key activates new command "Go to Last Edit" which moves the text cursor back to the position of the most recent modification in the current document.
  • A choice of font colors can now be applied to text when Jarte is in screen reader mode.
  • Document tabs can now be sorted.
  • Jarte's status bar now contains an icon that indicates if the current document has an attached note. Clicking the note icon in the status bar displays the note.
  • Jarte's file Open and file Save dialog windows have now been updated to the same modern style used by most other programs.
  • New option Enable Typing Sounds directs Jarte to emit typewriter sound effects as you type.
  • Advanced setting Single Instance Only is introduced to allow users to disable the ability to open multiple instances of Jarte simulataneously.
  • The Scroll Lock key is now disabled by default. This was done because few users make use of scroll lock and it causes a lot of confusion when it is inadvertently toggled on. Users who want to use the Scroll Lock key in Jarte need to modify advanced setting Allow Scroll Lock.
  • Advanced setting Disable Overwrite Mode is introduced to allow users to disable the action of the Insert key in Jarte (i.e., prevent Jarte from entering overwrite mode when the Insert key is toggled).
  • Advanced setting Web Browser Path is introduced to direct Jarte to use a web browser other than the default browser when a hyperlink is activated. It can also be used in conjuction with new advanced setting Web Browser Params which is useful for speciying browser profiles on portable drives.
  • New advanced setting Silent Reload is introduced to disable the "Do you want to reload this file?" prompt that appears when a file currently open in Jarte is modified by another program.
  • The Swap Views command is now available to be assigned to custom shortcut keys and custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Jarte Plus' quick reference card PDF file can now be accessed from the Help menu in Jarte Plus.
  • Other minor enhancements.
    Bug Fixes:
  • A change in the NVDA screen reader program was causing Jarte to occasionally display an error when closing a document. An adjustment has been made to Jarte to prevent NVDA from causing that error.
  • Performing a WordWeb dictionary lookup when WordWeb was not running caused an erroneous message to appear.
  • If two images appeared together in a document then one of the images would be flagged as a misspelling during spell check.
  • There were scenarios where Jarte would display a superfluous error message if the American spelling dictionary was not present.
  • The anchor text of a hyperlink could not be changed via the Edit Hyperlink dialog window.
  • There were scenarios where Jarte's file Save dialog window did not default to using a file's existing file name extension.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Changes in Jarte 5.4 (Feb, 2016)

    Bug Fixes:
  • Inserting web links prefixed with protocols other than "http" and "https" did not work properly.
  • Words containing a curly style apostrophe were marked as spelling errors uness the Enable Smart Quotes feature was enabled.
  • Performing a "Save As" on a new, empty, plain text document caused Jarte to crash.
  • The Enable Page Counting and Enable Word Counting settings are accessed by right clicking the status bar. These settings now appear the Tools > Options menu when Jarte is in screen reader mode in order to provide better accessibility.
  • If Jarte ran as a portable app on a USB drive, and a custom path was set for WordWeb, a font manager, or Jarte's backup folder on that same drive, then Jarte did not take into account the custom path's drive letter might change when the drive switches computers.
  • The page number boxes were disabled when the Print dialog's "Print pages" setting was selected, making that setting impossible to use.
  • The "Replacement word or phrase" box remained disabled when the "Automatically replace" option was selected in the spelling dialog used to manually add new words to a spelling dictionary, making that option impossible to use via that dialog.
  • There was an unusal scenario where use of the Clip List hot key could cause Jarte to crash.
  • There were still cases of Jarte's Clip List feature causing Jarte to crash when a clipboard copy was performed in Microsoft's Excel program.
  • Right clicking on a hyperlink and selecting Open Hyperlink caused the resulting web page to be opened twice on older versions of Windows.
  • When the text cursor was moved after changing the case of a text selection, the modified text continued to appear highlighted until the next text modification was made.
  • Other smaller fixes and enhancements.

Changes in Jarte 5.3 (Feb, 2015)

  • Next Page and Previous Page commands have been created for quickly moving back and forth within a document. These commands can be assigned to custom shortcut keys or to custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Quick Print Current Page and Quick Print Current Selection commands have been created for quickly printing a page or text selection without going through the Print dialog. These commands can be assigned to custom shortcut keys or to custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • The Go to Page, Go to Line, and bookmark commands now appear under Edit in the main menu when Jarte is in screen reader mode.
  • Tweaks have been made to allow Jarte to recognize and run well on Windows 10.
  • The file name of the active document is now always shown in program's title bar as well as in the pop-up hint displayed when the mouse is moved over the Jarte icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Other small enhancements.
    Bug Fixes:
  • Copying a row or column of data to the clipboard in Excel 2010 or 2013 would cause an error message to appear if Jarte was running at the same time.
  • Some of the accelerator keys for the Print dialog did not work properly.
  • If the /C command line parameter was used to create a new file the new file's name was always lower case rather than preserving the casing used in the command line.
  • The /S command line parameter did not work properly.
  • There was a situation where a superfluous hourglass cursor was shown while a menu was being displayed.
  • Jarte encountered errors when either opening a file name containing Unicode characters or saving to a file name containing Unicode characters. A message is now displayed in those situations to clarify that Jarte does not support Unicode.
  • An erroneous default file name was specified when saving new documents that began with a table.
  • An error was sometimes displayed if the user inadvertently clicked the mouse too rapidly too many times while the screen capture command was being used.
  • The Crash Guard feature has been made more robust.
  • An inappropriate message about not being able to edit the file was displayed if the user pressed Enter while the text cursor was inside a hyperlink in a read-only file (i.e., the user was using the keyboard to activate a hyperlink).
  • An inappropriate message about a missing spelling dictionary was displayed when Jarte's "About" file was shown and the American English spelling dictionary was not installed.
  • Jarte could sometimes crash when the Open or Save file dialogs were displayed on a computer using multiple monitors.
  • A bug in the WordPad word processing engine for Windows 7 and below could cause bad behavior in documents where a hyperlink appeared at the very beginning of the document. Jarte now displays a warning if the user attempts to create a hyperlink at the beginning of a document in that situation.
  • Jarte sometimes failed to open its settings file when installed in a DropBox (or other online storage service) folder. The effect was Jarte appeared to be starting for the first time with everything set to factory settings. This was most likely to happen if Jarte was set to start during Windows startup since it is somewhat likely DropBox will be trying to sync Jarte's settings file at the same time thereby making it unavailable to Jarte. Jarte now tries to wait for DropBox to complete syncing of the settings file before trying to open it.

Changes in Jarte 5.2 (Feb, 2014)

    New Features and Enhancements:
  • Multiple instances of Jarte may now be run simultaneously. This capability can be disabled by adding new command line parameter "/S" to the shortcut used to start Jarte. Note: If you open multiple instances of Jarte then the only settings changes that will be saved are the settings changes in the last instance of Jarte that gets closed!
  • A new Crash Guard feaure automatically protects against lost work if a hardware crash or software crash occurs.
  • The Quick Bar now automatically wraps to a second row if there are too many buttons to fit on the first row. This feature can be disabled in the Quick Bar's advanced settings panel.
  • Jarte's online Help documentation search engine is now powered by Google to provide higher quality search results.
  • The Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation program now works much more smoothly with Jarte.
  • The Manage Tabs submenu now includes Close Other Tabs and Close Tabs to the Right commands.
  • Right clicking the Document Tabs now displays the Manage Tabs submenu, rather the full Tabs menu as before. This provides quicker access to some of the more commonly used Tabs menu items.
  • The Smart Quotes feature now uses different double quote marks depending on the spelling dictionary language in use for the currently active document. Specifically, German, French, Spanish, and Italian language double quote marks are used when the corresponding spelling dictionary is in use. See advanced setting Smart Quote Style for more information. Smart Quotes is unchanged for English users.
  • New commands for pasting saved Clip List clips are now available for custom shortcut key assignments. The command names are "Paste Saved Clip 1" through "Paste Saved Clip 10". Note that shortcuts Shift+Ctrl+1 through Shift+Ctrl+0 are assigned to the new commands by default, but only if advanced setting Enable Accent Shortcuts is set to zero.
  • If an attempt is made to use Open to open a PDF file then Jarte will direct the file to be opened in the user's default PDF reader program.
  • The Page View display of a document can now be disabled by clicking the Word Wrap indicator in the status bar and turning off the "Page View" menu item. Or, Page View can be disabled by going to Options > Word Wrap > Page View.
  • The Paste Board can now be opened automatically at startup by using the Open This File at Startup feature.
  • The "Next Bookmark" and "Previous Bookmark" bookmark functions now wrap the document. So, for example, if the text cursor is positioned after the last bookmark in the document then "Next Bookmark" will now advance the text cursor to the position of the first bookmark in the document.
  • Files in Jarte's Document Backup folder that are more than 30 days old are now automatically deleted. This prevents the folder from growing ever larger over time with old copies of documents that are not needed.
  • The Document Tabs automatically abbreviate when the program window is not wide enough to accomodate all of the tabs. That capability can now be disabled via setting "Abbreviate Tabs" in the Tabs/Manage Tabs menu
  • Other minor tweaks and enhnacements.
    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a problem introduced in version 5.1 that prevented many screen reader programs from working smoothly with Jarte.
  • Jarte reverted to an old version of the WordPad word processing engine in Windows 8.1.
  • Double tapping hyperlinks created by the Auto Hyperlink Detect feature on a Windows 8 tablet did not activate the link. This is now fixed but activating an auto-detected link by tapping requires a slow double tap, rather than a quick double tap.
  • Custom spelling dictionaries whose names ended in "tech" were not editable.
  • Jarte would display spurious error messages when using the "Edit" menu if a custom spelling dictionary was enabled in Jarte, but the dictionary's file was no longer prresent.
  • Version 5.1 could occasionally display an innocuous error message when exiting Jarte.
  • The Jarte Plus upgrade installer would sometimes hang if Jarte was in screen reader mode.
  • There was a scenario where version 5.1 would display a notice stating there was a new version of Jarte available even though there was actually no newer version.
  • Page numbering in printouts printed with version 5.1 would show a total page count of zero, for example, "Page 10 of 0".
  • Turning off Roman page numbering in printouts did not take affect until the document was opened and closed.
  • The default auto-correct spelling dictionary was being used when Auto Correct was enabled even if the spelling dictionary language was not English.
  • In a particular scenario involving a mix of new and existing documents, all with changes, and then a "Save All" was performed, the wrong file name could be used for some of new, unnamed files.
  • Drag-and-dropping an image on a tool panel of the free edition of Jarte caused a message to appear stating custom background images were only available in Jarte Plus. That message should not have appeared since the free edition of Jarte now allows custom backgrounds.
  • The default marble background was missing from Jarte's installed selection of background patterns, which meant the user had to download it from the Jarte backgrounds page if they wanted to switch back to it.
  • There were problems with applying colors to tables that had exactly two rows.
  • Some screen readers were reading the page number markers in the editing pane as part of the text. The page number markers have now been removed when Jarte is in screen reader mode.
  • If a divider line was set up for page header/footer lines it would only appear if a left side or center header/footer element was defined.
  • The "Edit Table" function did not work correctly in Windows 8.1.
  • There was a scenario where the Find Bar could have input focus even when it was not being displayed.
  • If a custom button for the Replace function was defined for the Quick Bar it could eventually start to cause error messages.
  • Project files did not necessarily open files in the order they were listed in the project file.
  • Backslashes in file hyperlinks doubled whenever an existing file hyperlink was modified.
  • There was a rare scenario where copying a corrupted hyperlink from another program, such as a web browser, and pasted in Jarte could cause files to grow exponentially each time they were edited and saved. This was due to a bug in the WordPad word processing engine Jarte is based on, but the bug is now circumvented by Jarte.
  • If a custom reference dictionary link was defined in the Reference Bar, the "Dictionary" menu item in the main menu did not recognize the custom link.
  • If the line guide was displayed it extended beyond the page edges when Jarte was in Page View mode.
  • There was a scenario where certain files did not display their header/footer line on the first attempt to print or use Print Preview.
  • Using both the old spell check (the side panel spell checker) and the new spell check (menu based spell checking) while spell checking a document sometimes caused spell check to temporarily stop working.
  • The Paste Board would not prompt the user to save unsaved changes if it was never made the active document after the first clipboard copy took place.
  • Attempting to define a custom color in the color palette while using the Highlighter or Font Color tools from the Font Tools side panel caused an error, and sometimes a crash.
  • The "Change Font" window did not appear in the center of the monitor Jarte was displayed on in a multi-monitor setup.
  • The Quick Bar's "Center" and "Bulets" buttons would stop working after a configuration change was made to the Quick Bar.
  • There was a scenario where custom Quick Bar buttons could disappear after an editing session involving a change to the Quick Bar's configuration.
  • Using Shift+Enter to create an unnumbered paragraph in an auto-outline could cause Jarte to become unresponsive.
  • The auto-outline's "Unnumbered Paragraph" menu item did not always display the appropriate checked/unchecked state.
  • When reopening files from the previous editing session Jarte did not always correctly switch to the file that was last active in the previous editing session.
  • The "/I" command Line parameter was not taking precedence over advanced setting "Default Initial Folder".
  • It was not possible to extend a text selection while scrolling a document with the mouse wheel.
  • Pressing Shift+Ctrl+A caused Jarte to enter a mode where all typed text appeared in capital letters regardless of the state of the Caps Lock key.
  • If the F3 key is pressed before any other search has been done during the session then the last search target from the previous session is used as the search target. This worked, but not until after the F3 key had been pressed twice.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Changes in Jarte 5.1 (Oct, 2013)

Release 5.1 is a quick release to fix a problem effecting people using Windows 8.1, which was recently released. There are no documentation changes, so Jarte 5.0 documentation will continue to be used.

    Bug Fixes:
  • Windows 8.1: Jarte reverted to an old version of the WordPad word processing engine Jarte is based on in Windows 8.1. This caused a number of Jarte's features to be disabled. Windows 8.0 and earleir versions of Windows were not affected.
  • The New Version notification file that appears when a new version of Jarte is available (assuming Auto Check for Updates is enabled) appeared blank for some users. The file's message did not appear until Jarte was resized, minimized/restored, etc.

Changes in Jarte 5.0 (April, 2013)

Note: Microsoft introduced a new version of the WordPad word processing engine Jarte is based on in Windows 8. Jarte has been enhanced to take advantage of new capabilities in the new engine. However, those particular enhancements are necessarily only available in Windows 8.

    New Features and Enhancements:
  • Windows 8: Jarte is now optimized for touch screen use. This includes the ability to scroll documents with finger swipes, zoom using the pinch gesture, and position the text cursor with your finger.
  • Jarte provides a new page view mode that displays the left and right page margins as well as the paper width in the editing pane. Page view mode is activated by default if Word Wrap is set to Wrap to Page. The new page view mode can be disabled by using advanced setting Page View.
  • The spell check dictionary choice is now assigned to each individual document, rather than being a global setting (although you can still designate the default spell check dictionary to be used for new documents). This is useful for people who regularly edit documents of different languages.
  • Jarte Plus: Project files can now be used to automatically open hyperlinks to PDF documents and web pages, not just files.
  • The tabs bar now automatically abbreviates the file name captions in the tabs as necessary in order to allow all tabs to be displayed in the available tabs bar width. This helps avoid the need to scroll through the available tabs when many documents are open at once. This behavior can be disabled via advanced setting Abbreviate Captions.
  • Windows 8: Jarte can now assign hyperlinks to images.
  • Jarte now automatically checks for updates to the program. This feature can be disabled via the Automatically Check for Updates option.
  • The color choice for the default font color is no longer limited to a selection of predefined colors. A custom color can now be chosen as the default font color by going to Font > Font Options > Set Default Font Colors.
  • A new option at Font > Font Options > Set Default Font Colors > Print in Black causes Jarte to always print documents using black text regardless of the actual text color(s) in the document.
  • Pressing the Control key while selecting a folder from the Favorite Files menu or the Recent Files menu will now cause a Windows Explorer window to open to that folder.
  • Jarte Plus: New advanced setting Default Printer Name allows Jarte to default to a different printer than the designated Windows default printer.
  • New advanced setting Default to Arabic Outline allows the Auto Outline feature to default to the Arabic numbering scheme, rather than the Roman numbering scheme.
  • The Stay on Top option is now available as a command that can be assigned to a shortcut key or Quick Bar button.
  • If the Use System Tray Icon option is set then Jarte now minimizes to the system tray when the Close button in the program's title bar is clicked, rather than closing. This is done to be consistent with the behavior of other programs that minimize to the system tray. The behavior can be disabled via advanced setting Minimize On Close To Tray.
  • Pressing Shift+Tab while the text cursor is at the beginning of a paragraph in an auto outline will now cause the paragraph to unindent to the parent outline level (i.e., the same behavior as the Backspace key).
  • The "Format Brush (continuous)" command now functions as a toggle button when assigned as a Quick Bar button.
  • The Screen Capture feature now fully supports multi-monitor systems.
  • Jarte now does a better job of restoring the appropriate program window size and position when it finds itself starting on a screen with a different resolution than the screen it was running on in its previous session (for example, when running Jarte from a flash drive on different computers).
  • Other minor enhancements.
    Bug Fixes:
  • The Jarte Plus upgrade file did not work properly while in screen reader mode.
  • Jarte did not always automatically enter screen reader mode when the Window-Eyes screen reader program was running.
  • If a Jarte project file was drag-and-dropped on Jarte then its file hyperlinks would not automatically be opened. Note that issue was only resolved for Jarte running on Windows 8 and above.
  • Table navigation via the tab key was not being allowed for read-only documents.
  • There were scenarios where rich text clips in the Clip List were being behaving as if they were plain clips.
  • The Insert Page Break command was broken for Windows 8.
  • Page breaks were not being displayed correctly next to hard page breaks in Windows 8.
  • Undoing a sort of a large number of lines would fail leaving the lines neither sorted nor back in their original positions. This issue is completely resolved in Windows 8 and above. For Windows 7 and below you should increase the value of new advanced setting Undo Limit if you expect the need to undo table sorts.
  • The Auto Capitalize feature would capitalize words beginning with the letter "i" if the user backspaced over the second character following the "i".
  • Auto Capitalize did not capitalize sentences beginning with the letter "i" if the "i" was preceded by a quote mark.
  • The Auto Capitalize feature always capitalized the word "I". The word "I" is now auto capitalized only if English is the currently selected spelling dictionary.
  • Auto Outline numbering did not work properly in Windows 8.
  • The Unmark All Favorite Fonts command did not work properly.
  • The choice of initial side tool panel designated by advanced setting Start Tool Panel was ignored if the side tool panel was initially hidden when Jarte started.
  • Clicking inside of a large table would cause scrolling to jump in certain scenarios.
  • If advanced setting Simple Click Hyperlinks was enabled then selecting text would cause a hyperlink to activate if the mouse button was released over a hyperlink during the selection.
  • If a file on a USB drive was accessed via the Open or Save file dialog then a safe eject could not be performed on the drive until Jarte was closed, even if the file was no longer open in Jarte.
  • There was a scenario that would cause the Undo buffer to be cleared when the Backspace key was pressed while the text caret was at the beginning of a bulleted paragraph.
  • If a USB drive was disconnected while Jarte was editing a file on the drive, and then an attempt was made to save changes to that file, Jarte would crash.
  • Attempting to open multiple files selected in Windows Explorer by right clicking and choosing Open did not always result in all of the files being opened in Jarte.
  • Use of Close and Delete did not result in an "Are you sure?" prompt from Jarte before deleting when Jarte was running on Windows 8.
  • The Open Hyperlink selection in the context menu did not work in some scenarios.
  • Jarte became unstable if the spelling dictionary language was changed many times in a single session.
  • Other minor fixes.

Changes in Jarte 4.5 (June, 2012)

    New Features:
  • Jarte Plus now has an optional auto capitalization feature that automatically capitalizes the first word of each sentence, and each occurrence of the word "I", as you type.
  • The file hyperlinks feature now supports relative file paths.
  • New advanced settings Suggestions Depth and More Suggestions Depth have been added to allow control over the number of spelling suggestions displayed in the spell check pop-up menu that appears when a misspelling is encountered.
  • New advanced setting Auto Tabs allows the document tabs to be automatically hidden unless more than one document is open in Jarte.
  • New advanced setting Force Last Session ensures the previous session's files will be opened when Always Reopen Last Session is enabled, even in the case where Jarte is started by double clicking a file in Windows Explorer.
  • The Paste Board's document tab is now dimmed to indicate when the Paste Board is suspended.
  • The custom shortcuts window now displays any existing shortcut key assignment as soon as you enter a shortcut in the shortcut key field. Previously, you had to enter the shortcut key and then click the Assign button to display a warning message that the proposed key was already assigned.
  • A new Save Other command has been added to the list of commands available to custom shortcuts and Quick Bar buttons. The Save Other command displays the File > Save Other pop-up menu.
  • A new Background Color command has been added to the list of commands available to custom shortcuts and Quick Bar buttons. The Background Color command allows the background color of the editing pane to be modified (i.e., same as going to Options > Document Background Color).
  • A new Zoom Default command has been added to the list of commands available to custom shortcuts and Quick Bar buttons. The Zoom Default command resets a document's zoom level back to the designated default zoom level.
  • Jarte now recognizes the ZoomText as a screen reader.
  • Various tweaks were made to allow Jarte to work smoothly on Windows 8.
  • Other minor tweaks
    Bug Fixes:
  • There was a resource leak that sometimes led to a crash after long, intense editing sessions.
  • There were still instances of the Clip List feature crashing Jarte due to the way other programs make data available on the Windows clipboard. The issue has been addressed by directing the Clip List to ignore unrecognized types of clipboard data.
  • Advanced setting WordWeb Path did not work properly in some situations.
  • The Delete Paragraph shortcut (Ctrl+Y) was broken in version 4.4.
  • Plain text (TXT) project files appeared empty when opened in Jarte. A message is now displayed stating project files must be RTF or DOC.
  • Jarte was no longer recognizing the presence of the Window-Eyes screen reader.
  • The Font > Fonts Online > Free Fonts menu item no longer pointed to free fonts.
  • There was a situation where an undocked Jarte control panel could end up positioned beyond the screen boundaries.
  • The Hot Connect feature encountered an error in certain situations.
  • Some toggleable features, such as bullets, could be toggled on but not toggled back off when the feature was toggled via a custom shortcut key.
  • If a time change occurred while Jarte was open Jarte would display a message incorrectly stating the currently open files had been modified and needed to be reloaded.
  • There were circumstances where it was possible for an Open or Save dialog to be displayed beyond the boundaries of the screen making Jarte appear to be frozen.
  • The Jarte Plus upgrade file would freeze without completing the upgrade in a small number of cases.
  • Other errors and minor bugs were fixed.

Changes in Jarte 4.4 (July, 2011)

  • The default initial folder used for Open/Save can now be set by going to File > File Options > Set Default Folder. The default initial folder could already be specified by existing advanced option Default Initial Folder, but the new file option makes the ability to change the setting more obvious and convenient.
  • For Jarte Plus users, custom shortcut keys (or custom Quick Bar buttons) can now be assigned to new commands Select About Panel, Select File Panel, Select Font Panel, Select Paragraph Panel, and Select Spell Panel. This allows custom shortcut keys to be used to switch between the side tool panels. Note that command Hide Tool Panel already exists (toggles between showing and hiding tool panel).
  • Closing a document no longer causes Jarte Plus to exit split view mode at the same time. Exiting split view mode is still accomplished by selecting Split View Off.
  • When the text based status bar is displayed, the word count field is now the first field rather than the last field, assuming word counting in the status bar is enabled.
  • Pressing the Escape key while keyboard focus is in the Find Bar or Reference Bar now closes the Find Bar or Reference Bar.
  • New advanced setting Default to Plain Text can be used to direct the New command to create a plain text document, rather than a rich text document.
  • Jarte now recognizes when it is running under the platform and conforms accordingly.
    Bug Fixes:
  • Clicking one of two buttons on the line guide while in split view mode did not cause the document with the line guide to become the active document if it was not already active.
  • If the Swap Views command was invoked while split view mode was being used and the line guide feature was being used, the line guide did not swap with its associated editing pane.
  • Jarte could not save changes made to a file marked as "Hidden" in Windows Explorer.
  • The Starting page number field in the Print dialog did not allow negative numbers to typed in (i.e., the up/down was needed to enter negative numbers).
  • If Jarte was configured to minimize to the system tray on the taskbar, and was minimized, then Jarte did not come to the top of other windows if the user double clicked a document in Windows Explorer.
  • Text could not be dragged-and-dropped into Jarte from another program.
  • A couple of bugs with Jarte's tabs bar were fixed. The bugs only occurred in certain scenarios when there were enough tabs present to cause the special navigation tab to appear.
  • If default left and right page margins are different than the factory default then text wrapping in the editing pane was based on the factory default page margins until the Print dialog was used.
  • The default page header did not get printed for a document if Quick Print was used before the Print dialog was displayed.
  • Spell check was not always ignoring HTML tags during the first spell check when option Ignore HTML Tags was enabled.
  • The Insert/Overwrite indicator in the status bar was not updated if the Insert key on the keyboard's number pad was used to toggle the insert/overwrite state, rather than the normal Insert key.
  • The Open and Save dialogs could appear off screen if Jarte was run from a flash drive on a computer with a high resolution screen and then Jarte was subsequently run from the flash drive when the drive was plugged into a computer with a lower resolution screen.
  • There was a scenario in which Jarte would bypass the "Do you want to save?" prompt when closing a new document and would present the Save dialog. The scenario only happened when AutoSave was enabled but when it occurred it was difficult to close the tab, and difficult to exit Jarte while the tab was present.
  • The first command in the Customize Shortcut Keys dialog was not in alphabetical order.
  • The Reopen Last Session feature did not reopen a file that was first created while closing Jarte's previous session.
  • The page header/footer Default button was disabled whenever the Print header and footer check box was unchecked, which made it inconvenient to set a default of no header/footer after one had been defined.
  • A search for text that included a curly quote would not succeed if the curly quote had been pasted into the Find Bar.
  • The commands for changing the style of numbered lists were missing from the Customize Shortcut Keys dialog.
  • If the Screen Capture feature was selected after pressing the Clip List global hot key then Jarte would come to the foreground when the screen capture was complete. That was undesirable if Jarte was not the active program at the time the global hot key was used.
  • The Ctrl+W shortcut key did not close the active document (Ctrl+W is an alternate of the Ctrl+F4 shortcut).
  • If the text cursor was positioned at the very end of a plain text document, and the document ended with a hyperlink, and the Auto Hyperlink Detect feature was enabled, then pressing the Enter key caused the hyperlink to be opened in the a web browser rather entering a carriage return for a new line.
  • An innocuous error message sometimes appeared after dismissing the Windows' screen saver if Jarte's background spell checking was enabled.

Changes in Jarte 4.3 (Jan, 2011)

    Bug Fixes:
  • A bug introduced in version 4.2 prevented DOC files created with Word from opening properly in many instances.
  • A bug introduced in version 4.2 caused the mouse cursor appearance to change to a busy cursor whenever the mouse was positioned over items in a menu. This occurred only in Jarte Plus and only when the Quick Bar was displayed.

Changes in Jarte 4.2 (Jan, 2011)

  • Jarte's backup folder location can now be customized via advanced setting Backup Folder Path.
  • Command New Plain Text is added which is the same as New except it creates a plain text document rather than a rich text document. New Plain Text is not accessible through Jarte's interface, but it can be assigned a shortcut key in Jarte Plus. New Plain Text is a slightly more efficient way of creating a plain text document than using New and then converting the new document to plain text.
  • Jarte can now be run as a portable app directly from a CD (of course, Jarte can already be run from a USB flash drive).
  • Jarte will automatically run as a portable app when installed to a DropBox folder. More information here.
  • It is now possible to assign a negative number to the Start Page Number setting in Jarte's header and footer designer. This can be used to cause a page other than the first page to be numbered "Page 1" (preceeding pages are left unnumbered).
  • New advanced setting Add to Bottom is now available for the Paste Board feature. The new setting is used to reverse the order of clips in the Paste Board (i.e., first clip first instead of first clip last).
  • The Find Bar has new indicators "cs" and "ww" to remind the user when the "case sensitive" and "whole word" search options are enabled.
  • Special text sequences {cr} and {tab} can now be used in the Jump to field of the Insert Hyperlink window. This allows carriage returns and tabs to be specified in the Jump to text. Note that {cr} and {tab} are already available for the Find Bar.
  • Other smaller enhancements were also added.
    Bug Fixes:
  • There were some instances of Jarte starting in screen reader mode when a real screen reader program was not present.
  • Portions of Jarte's Clip List feature have been recoded to make it more robust. There had been occasional reports of Jarte crashing that were traced back to the Clip List feature even though users were not actively using the Clip List when the crashes occurred.
  • If two "Replace All"s were performed on the same text selection then the second Replace All was applied to the entire document rather than just the text selection.
  • Jarte Plus' split view display became distorted if the user tried to move the pane divider while the Jarte ruler was displayed.
  • Jarte Plus would visibly scroll down through a project file looking for hyperlinks when a project file was opened. This was generally only noticeable for large project files, but is now cleaned up.
  • The units of measure in the Tab Stops window did not reflect the correct units of measure if the user chosen units of measure was different than the default for the user's locale.
  • The header/footer divider line, when specified, was not being printed on all pages.
  • The "C" command line parameter did not work if Jarte was already running.
  • The Go to Page and Go to Line features did not work properly when Jarte was running in screen reader mode.
  • Printing a document whose left and right page margins were not equal on a duplex printer resulted in the left margin being too large on the even pages of the printout.
  • There were situations where a file that was a copy of another file could still show the original file's name in the page header/footer line.
  • If custom short keys Ctrl+D or Ctrl+T were assigned to features other than the dictionary feature and thesaurus features, respectively, then the assignments would revert back to the dictionary and thesaurus the next time Jarte Plus was started.
  • There were cases where certain user defined buttons in the Quick Bar were disabled in situations where they should not have been.
  • Spell checking for Dutch has been changed to allow the use of compound words as correct spellings.
  • The incorrect URL was sometimes displayed when moving the mouse over a hyperlink that was immediately above, or immediately below, another hyperlink.
  • If Save As was used to save a document created from a read-only template then the document continued to be treated as read-only until it was closed and reopened.
  • The Jarte Plus PDF manual was formatted with too much white space unnecessarily increasing its size.
  • Other minor bugs were also fixed.

Changes in Jarte 4.1 (March, 2010)

    New Features:
  • A optional Quick Bar feature has been added that provides instant access to a number of frequently used features.
  • In addition to left aligned tabs, Jarte's ruler now supports right, center, and decimal aligned tabs.
  • A new Stay on Top option has been added to the Options menu.
  • A global hot key can be defined for the Clip List menu. This makes it easy to access the Clip List while using programs other than Jarte.
  • A new Paste Board feature displays a special document tab that automatically records everything copied to the clipboard.
  • A new Line Guide feature displays a colored, translucent, moveable, horizontal bar that can be used to highlight a line of interest in a document.
  • Jarte's interface background pattern can be changed to one of the installed backgrounds, extra backgrounds provided on the Jarte web site, or to any custom background. Previously, this feature was exclusive to Jarte Plus.
  • Jarte's various color selection palettes now include a new row of color selection buttons to which the user can assign custom colors.
  • Jarte now supports the keyboard's Scroll Lock key. When Scroll Lock is enabled document scrolling can be performed using the up and down arrow keys. The Scroll Lock state is displayed in the status bar. This feature can be disabled.
  • Jarte will now automatically mirror the left and right page margins, and the header and footer lines, between odd and even pages when printing double-sided printouts.
  • If the "underline" font attribute is selected for the header/footer font then Jarte will draw a solid line across the printed page under the header line and above the footer line.
  • Jarte will now perform a descending order sort when the Sort feature is selected while pressing the Shift key.
  • Clicking the "Go to Top" button on the Find Bar while pressing the Shift key will now cause the text cursor to move to the bottom of the page instead of the top.
  • Pressing the Shift key while the mouse is positioned over a tab causes the full file path of the document to be displayed in Jarte's title bar.
  • The position of a table column can now be easily moved via the Edit Table window.
  • The Options menu on Jarte's Find Bar now includes "Insert Carriage Return" and "Insert Tab" items which make it easy to include those characters in the search text.
  • The status bar can now switched to a text based status bar. This may be preferred by users who use Jarte's Minimal Layout. Right click on the status bar and select "Use Text Status Bar".
  • Double clicking an empty area next to the tabs will now start a new document.
  • Many other small tweaks and enhancements have been added.
    New Jarte Plus Exclusive Features:
  • The buttons on the new Quick Bar are completely configurable in Jarte Plus.
  • Custom shortcut keys for Jarte's features can now be created. This includes the ability redefine or remove Jarte's factory defined shortcut keys.
  • A new split view mode allows two documents to be displayed simultaneously either side-by-side or one over the other.
  • File hyperlinks can now specify a "jump to" text target. When the file is opened via the hyperlink Jarte Plus will automatically scroll down to the first occurrence of the specified text target.
  • Project files are now supported. When Jarte Plus opens a project file it will automatically open the files pointed to by any file hyperlinks contained in the project file.
  • The status bar can now show a continuously updated word count. Right click on the status bar and select "Enable Word Counting".
  • Command line parameter "/PL" has been added to allow landscape printing from the command line.
  • A printable PDF manual is included with all Jarte Plus purchases. Previously, the PDF manual was only available with the purchase of the Jarte Plus CD.
    Bug Fixes:
  • The document title was not being included in the spooled print job when the Quick Print or the Print and Exit features were used.
  • The Recent Fonts submenu of the Fonts menu was not always being properly updated.
  • There were cases where Jarte was not automatically starting in screen reader mode even if a screen reader was already running.
  • Jarte 3.3 allowed hyperlinks to folders. That capability was inadvertently lost in Jarte 3.4, but it has now been restored.
  • If a backslash character was included in the "Line to show" field of the Insert Hyperlink window then the "Line to show" text was not properly formatted when inserted into the document.
  • The Smart Quotes menu item in the Options menu did not always properly reflect whether the Smart Quotes feature was currently enabled.
  • Files names containing the ampersand character were not properly displayed in the Tabs menu.
  • The Tabs menu was not being immediately updated to reflect the new file name when Save As was used to save a file under a different name.
  • Jarte allowed saving to read-only files when certain non-text changes were made to the document (e.g., setting bookmarks, changing print settings, etc).
  • Jarte did not always properly load the page margins and paper size from documents created with a word processor other than Jarte.
  • If the Minimal Layout was in use, and the alternate main menu was in use, and a plain text document was opened, the Paragraph menu items always appeared disabled from that point forward even if the user switched to a rich text document.
  • Other small fixes have been added.

Changes in Jarte 4.0 (March, 2010)

    Jarte 4.0 was a beta release, see changes for version 4.1.

Changes in Jarte 3.4 (Sept, 2009)

    Version 3.4 is strictly a bug fix release. The following bugs have been corrected:
  • There was a memory leak that sometimes caused Jarte to crash.
  • The spell checker was identifying table control characters as misspellings.
  • The spell checker did not handle contractions correctly for words in the French and Italian spelling dictionaries.
  • The spell checker wrongly treated accented capital letters to be correctly spelled when using the French spelling dictionary in French Canada.
  • The spell checker wrongly treated concatenated words as misspellings when using the German spelling dictionary.
  • Page breaks and page numbering in the editing pane were too light to be easily seen on brighter monitors. Page breaks and page numbering are now more visible, and their color can be adjusted via new advanced setting Page Break Shade.
  • If the Jarte icon was set to appear in the taskbar tray, and the user clicked the icon to access the menu, the menu would not always disappear properly if the user decided not to select a menu item.
  • Turning on Jarte Plus' Auto Correct feature required the "correct.tlx" spelling dictionary to be manually enabled if it was not already enabled. This was a source of confusion so the correct.tlx dictionary is now automatically enabled and disabled in conjunction with the setting of the Auto Correct feature.
  • Jarte's Alt key tags were being displayed in circumstances where they should not have been. That has been corrected, and a new Alt Key Tag Delay advanced setting has been introduced to provide more control over the display of the tags.
  • When using multiple monitors with the primary monitor on the right Jarte could not be made to initially appear on the left monitor rather than the right monitor.
  • The Suppress header and Suppress footer controls on the Print window were not working properly.
  • If a Windows software restriction policy is applied that prevents the execution of code from the Windows application data folders then this caused a problem for Jarte in some circumstances since Jarte caches DOC converter files under the application data folder. Converter caching can now be disabled via advanced setting Enable Converter Caching.
  • When closing a file Jarte prompted for whether the user wanted to save changes even when the Auto Save feature was enabled. Jarte now automatically saves any modifications to a file when the file is closed if Auto Save is enabled.
  • The Insert Hyperlink feature did not properly handle SSL URLs.
  • File hyperlinks were not portable. File hyperlinks are now portable in the following scenario: Jarte is running from a USB drive and is being used to modify a file which resides on the same USB drive. A file hyperlink is inserted which points to a second file which also resides on the USB drive. The hyperlink will now continue to work even if the drive letter of the USB drive Jarte and the two files reside on is different in a later editing session.
  • If the Format Brush was used on text containing a hyperlink then the hyperlink was lost as a result.
  • An error occurred when the Alt+L shortcut was used to display Jarte's Clip List.
  • Jarte Plus' Auto Outline feature did not properly renumber an outline if a soft carriage return (i.e., Shift+Enter) was inserted.
  • The spell checker was only providing one suggested spelling for a misspelled word when Jarte was running in screen reader mode on Windows Vista.
  • When a new RTF file was created via Windows Explorer, or by right clicking on the Windows desktop, the proper default page margins were not applied if the file was subsequently opened in Jarte.
  • Many other less notable bugs were also fixed.

Changes in Jarte 3.3 (Aug, 2008)

    New Features:
  • Hot Connect is the only major feature added in this release, but it's a good one. Hot Connect provides a simple means for using Jarte to write or spell check text in other programs. It can be used for writing tasks such as blogging, or spell checking text in situations where no spell checking is otherwise available. Hot Connect can also be used for reading articles from your web browser without the ads.
    Notable Enhancements:
  • Page numbering options in the Print window's Header & Footer tab have been enhanced. You can now specify the total number of pages to appear as part of the page number (e.g., "Page 1 of 100"). You can also choose a start page number other than "1".
  • The page header and footer lines can be suppressed for a specified number of pages at the beginning of the document.
  • The Alt key can now be used to access the menu buttons on Jarte's Compact Layout. Before, Alt key access to Jarte's functions was only possible when the main menu was displayed. Hold down the Alt key to see the Alt key assignments for the buttons.
  • It is now possible to specify more than one spelling dictionary language for the spell check feature. This is useful if you sometimes mix writing of more than language in the same document. Click here for more details.
  • An Italian language spell check dictionary has been added.
  • New option Use Alternate Main Menu has been added to the Options menu. The alternate main menu has the same functions as the default main menu, but it is laid out with more top level menu items and fewer cascading sub-menus. Many users may find the alternate menu easier to navigate than the traditional default main menu.
  • When closing Jarte the "Do you want to save..." prompt has always appeared for each open document with unsaved changes. Now, if you press the Shift key while answering Yes or No then the answer will automatically be applied to the other documents being closed.
  • New command line switch, "C", has been added that automatically creates a new file with the file name specified on the command line if the file does not already exist.
  • Many other smaller enhancements and bug fixes are included in this release.

Changes in Jarte 3.2 (March, 2008)

Version 3.2 fixes a problem that caused Jarte not to start on certain computers. Only a few other minor fixes are included.

Changes in Jarte 3.1 (Feb, 2008)

Version 3.1 adds fixes and minor enhancements.

New Features in Jarte 3.0 (Oct, 2007)

  • Updated interface and appearance in a new compact layout (the old layout is still available)
  • Based on the latest version of the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine
  • Page margins, page size, bookmarks and other document attributes are now saved as part of the document
  • Jarte can now be run as a portable program directly from a USB flash drive   (Options > Install to USB Drive)
  • Jarte automatically integrates with both the online and desktop versions of Visual Thesaurus   (View > Show Reference Bar > Thesaurus; or right click on any word > Thesaurus)
  • Template support   (File > Save As > Save As Template)
  • Export to HTML   (File > Save As > Export > Export as HTML)
  • E-mail support   (File > Send)
  • Opens the new Microsoft Word 2007 format DOCX files*
  • Associate Jarte to RTF, DOC, and TXT file types   (File > Options > File Associations)
  • Insert Hyperlinks   (Insert > Insert Hyperlink)
  • Table support   (Insert > Insert Table)
  • Insert Equations   (Insert > Equation)
  • User defined tab stops created by clicking the ruler   (View > Show Ruler)
  • Change letter casing   (Edit > Change Case)
  • Sorting   (Edit > Sort)
  • Click-less operation allows you to control Jarte with significantly fewer mouse clicks   (Options > Click-less Operation)
  • "Wrap to Page" is the new default word wrap setting that wraps document text just as it would appear on a printed page   (Options > Word Wrap > Wrap to Page)

New Jarte Plus Features:

  • AutoOutline makes creating outlines a breeze by automatically applying the appropriate numbering to each paragraph according to its indention level as you work   (Paragraph > AutoOutline)
  • Background spell checking as you type via use of red wavy lines under misspelled words   (Edit > Spell Check Options > Background Spell Checking)
  • AutoCorrect automatically corrects commonly misspelled words as you type and can also be used to create your own typing shortcuts for commonly used words, and it phrases   (Edit > Spell Check Options > AutoCorrect)

*Requires the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

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