How to Open Word 2007's DOCX Files

Jarte can open DOCX files (aka, Open XML or WordProcessingML files) created by the Microsoft's Word word processor if Word is installed on the same computer or if Microsoft's Office Compatibility Pack is installed on the computer.

Microsoft's Office Compatibility Pack can be downloaded using the download link below. Close and restart Jarte after you have installed the Office Compatibility Pack and Jarte will then be able to open DOCX files.

Click here to download Microsoft's Office Compatibility Pack  (38 MB)

Note that at this time Jarte is unable to save files using the DOCX format. Any changes made to a DOCX file can only be saved by saving the file as a DOC or RTF file.

Alternatively, if you only have a limited number of DOCX files then you may find it easier to open them Windows' WordPad word processor and save them as RTF. You can then edit the resulting RTF files in Jarte.

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