Multiple Instances of Jarte and Settings Changes

It is important to note that when multiple instances of Jarte are running the only settings changes Jarte will remember will be those changes made in the last instance of Jarte that is closed. Awareness of this limitation will help avoid confusion when working with multiple instances of Jarte.

How to find all Jarte instances

Normally, there will be a Jarte icon for each running instance of Jarte in the Windows taskbar. Jarte icons may also appear in the Windows system tray if Jarte option Use System Tray Icon is enabled. You may need to click the system tray's "Show hidden icons" button to see any Jarte system tray icons.

You can also check the Windows Task Manager to see how many instances of Jarte are currently running. The Task Manager can be accessed by either right clicking the Windows task bar or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

How to prevent multiple Jarte instances

Normally, a new instance of Jarte is started each time you activate the Jarte program shortcut. However, you can enable advanced setting Single Instance Only to prevent repeated activations of the Jarte shortcut from starting new instances of Jarte. In this case, activating the Jarte shortcut will cause any existing Jarte instance to be brought to the forefront of the screen. If no Jarte instance is already running then the Jarte shortcut will start a new instance of Jarte as usual.

How to disable the reminder

The multiple instances reminder message can be permanently disabled by clicking the message's "OK" button while pressing the Shift key. The message can also be disabled, or re-enabled, via advanced setting Disable Instances Reminder.

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