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File Extension DOCX

Files with file extension DOCX can be opened with the free Jarte word processor.

File extension DOCX represents document files created with Microsoft's Word 2007 word processor. File extension DOCX is a new format created by Microsoft and first used in Word 2007. DOCX is differs from file extension DOC in that DOCX is a non-proprietary1 XML based document file format. Older versions of Word can not open DOCX files unless they are supplemented with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 files.

Jarte can open files with file extension DOCX if the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 files is installed. However, any changes made to the files need to be saved using file extension RTF or file extension DOC.

1Microsoft created the DOCX file format (more accurately, DOCX is part of the Office Open XML file format) and there is some disagreement about whether the format is truly non-proprietary since Microsoft is better known for creating proprietary file formats and the DOCX format was created primarily to meet the requirements of Microsoft's own customers. However, Microsoft has published documentation describing the DOCX format in detail and they are seeking to have it certified as an ISO standard.

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