How to Open Word 97-2003 DOC Files

Update (Aug 8, 2011): A recent Windows update has disabled Jarte's ability to use the graphics filters in the Office Converter Pack. Therefore, Jarte can no longer display non-bitmap images in Word 97-2003 binary DOC files. The work around is to use Microsoft's free Word Viewer program to open those files.

Jarte can open Word 97-2003 DOC files created by the Word word processor if Microsoft's Office Converter Pack is installed on the computer.

The Office Converter Pack is no longer available at Microsoft's web site, however it can still be downloaded from CNET's web site using the link below. Close and restart Jarte after you have installed the Office Converter Pack and Jarte will then be able to open Word 97-2003 DOC files.

Click here to go to CNET's download page for the Office Converter Pack

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