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What's New in Version 2.5

New Features
  • Support for the WordWeb dictionary and thesaurus.  Jarte automatically associates the Reference Bar's Dictionary and Thesaurus buttons to the WordWeb dictionary and thesaurus if WordWeb has been installed.
  • Document Zoom allows zooming in or zooming out a document's view.
  • Documents can be printed from the command line via the new  P command line switch.
  • The Clip List feature can be disabled using the new D command line switch.
  • The Clip List has been enhanced to allow saved clips to be organized in a preferred order.  The Clip List has new shortcut key assignments to make the clips much more accessible.  The clips menu can now be accessed from the Jarte system tray icon to allow easier use of the clips with other programs.
  • You can choose your own paragraph default settings (e.g., line spacing, paragraph spacing, etc) to be used for new documents.
  • The Word Count feature will now show counts for selected text.
  • Automatic URL detection within the document.
  • Find and replace across all open documents.
  • The following new shortcut key assignments:
    F4  - Clip List menu (previously assigned to Clip List window)
    Shift + F4 - Clip List window
    F7  - Spell Check
    F8  - Jump to previously active document tab
    Shift + Ctrl + O - Open Favorite File
    Ctrl + M  - Word Count
    Ctrl + D  - Dictionary lookup
    Ctrl + T  - Thesaurus lookup
    Ctrl + -  - En dash
    Shift + Ctrl + - - Em dash
    Ctrl + 1 to 9, 0 - Copy/Paste saved clips 1 through 10
    Ctrl + [  - Zoom in
    Ctrl + ]  - Zoom out
  • Smart quotes(Jarte Plus only)
  • The Reference Bar buttons are now user configurable(Jarte Plus only)
  • User defined reference links and the Reference Bar buttons can now be used to launch locally installed programs.  Only web addresses were supported previously.  (Jarte Plus only)
  • Roman numeral page numbering(Jarte Plus only)
  • Numerous small enhancements.

    Bug Fixes
  • The Insert Picture feature would insert a small thumbnail or icon on some computers.
  • "Favorite" files would sometimes lose their saved settings (Jarte Plus only).
  • Misnamed RTF files were not recognized as truly being RTF files.
  • There were still some instances where Print Preview would garble the first couple of lines when displaying a page.
  • Print Preview displayed the entire document even if the user specified that only the selected text was to be printed.
  • The Reference Bar's Encyclopedia button stopped working when the Britannica web site changed the format of its lookup URL.
  • The Insert Object feature often displayed a spurious error when inserting objects.
  • Scrolling in some documents would occasionally cause display artifacts against the top edge of the editing pane.
  • The display of internal error messages under a few different scenarios.

    New FAQ Entries
  • How is Jarte pronounced?
  • How do I create a table?
  • How do I export a document as PDF?
  • How do I apply a watermark to my printed documents?