New Features in Jarte 3.0

  • Updated interface and appearance in a new compact layout (the old layout is still available)
  • Based on the latest version of the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine
  • Page margins, page size, bookmarks and other document attributes are now saved as part of the document
  • Jarte can now be run as a portable program directly from a USB flash drive   (Options > Install to USB Drive)
  • Jarte automatically integrates with both the online and desktop versions of Visual Thesaurus   (View > Show Reference Bar > Thesaurus; or right click on any word > Thesaurus)
  • Template support   (File > Save As > Save As Template)
  • Export to HTML   (File > Save As > Export > Export as HTML)
  • E-mail support   (File > Send)
  • Opens the new Microsoft Word 2007 format DOCX files*
  • Associate Jarte to RTF, DOC, and TXT file types   (File > Options > File Associations)
  • Insert Hyperlinks   (Insert > Insert Hyperlink)
  • Table support   (Insert > Insert Table)
  • Insert Equations   (Insert > Equation)
  • User defined tab stops created by clicking the ruler   (View > Show Ruler)
  • Change letter casing   (Edit > Change Case)
  • Sorting   (Edit > Sort)
  • Click-less operation allows you to control Jarte with significantly fewer mouse clicks   (Options > Click-less Operation)
  • "Wrap to Page" is the new default word wrap setting that wraps document text just as it would appear on a printed page   (Options > Word Wrap > Wrap to Page)

New Jarte Plus Features:

  • AutoOutline makes creating outlines a breeze by automatically applying the appropriate numbering to each paragraph according to its indention level as you work   (Paragraph > AutoOutline)
  • Background spell checking as you type via use of red wavy lines under misspelled words   (Edit > Spell Check Options > Background Spell Checking)
  • AutoCorrect automatically corrects commonly misspelled words as you type and can also be used to create your own typing shortcuts for commonly used words, and it phrases   (Edit > Spell Check Options > AutoCorrect)

*Requires the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

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